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Rick Renteria Has Lost His Mind

The manager of the Chicago White Sox? He doesn't even know his own team's record.

The manager in baseball is supposed to be on top of everything, every little detail. He should know how his batters perform against certain opposing pitchers. He should know how his pitchers fare against the opposing teams' batters. The manager of the Chicago White Sox? He doesn't even know his own team's record.

Look, I get it, the Sox are rebuilding. The record isn't the most important thing going on with this team. However, we are in year three of this rebuild. Two of the most important parts of said rebuild, Yoan Moncada and Eloy Jimenez, are a part of this team. The record does hold some significance.

Not to mention, even if this still were year one of the rebuild, the record still matters. You could have no talent on your roster, whatsoever, and you'd still stumble into a victory or two. Ricky doesn't care.

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Did ol' Ricky think things were going so well this season that the team couldn't possibly be below .500? There have been some bright spots for sure, but not enough to cloud your vision on where this team is actually at. Here are the ERAs of the Sox rotation so far this season: 6.03, 8.33, 5.32, 9.45 and 5.19. How on Earth could they possibly be below .500?

This is the same manager who has no clue how to use a bullpen. The dude who swears by the bunt but can't figure out how to teach his players how to actually, successfully put one down. Ricky doesn't have a clue.

Do you ever wonder why the Cubs were so quick to let this guy go when their rebuild was coming to an end and the team was ready to compete? Maybe, just maybe, he isn't the greatest manager in the game.

Quotes from the players and managers don't hold that much weight. They are just filling a collectively bargained obligation with the media in interviews. However, saying that you don't know what the record is of the team that you are in charge of is ridiculous. It may be time to reconsider who is going to lead this club moving forward.

Featured Photo: Chicago Sun-Times