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Rick Renteria Rejects Reasonability

The White Sox manager had an interesting quote about incorporating sabermetrics into his managing style.
Ricky Renteria White Sox

Photo: Jeff Haynes/Associated Press

There's nothin' like a baseball coach that rejects a leg up on the competition. That's what happened when Ricky Renteria said the following:

Wow. It seems the Sox skipper is a little offended that fans don't like stupid moves. Who woulda thunk it?! "I don't discount numbers." Give me a break. This is classic old guard rejecting new ideas. Can you just imagine if the CEO of a large company said he didn't want to use data to drive decisions and instead only trusts his or her gut? Said CEO would probably be removed. Numbers help. Use them. Look at the Astros, Dodgers, Yankees, A's, Rays, Red Sox, and *cough* Cubs *cough*. It pains me to say that, but they use numbers to drive a lineup. I get that fans complain, but the Cubs still bat a great on-base guy first. It matters.

I get that sabermetricians are exhausting sometimes. Advertisement of analytics and using analytics as a buzzword only needs fixing, but the teams that focus on numbers perform better. Bob Nightengale put out an article about the same thing, and David Kaplan chipped in:

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People who don't understand like to criticize. Adapt or don't. If you don't adapt, you'll lose. You can't be stuck in 2000 and expect to win in 2019. Figure it out. Rant over.

Featured Photo: Jeff Haynes/Associated Press