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Ricky's Boys Do Quit

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While I'm writing this the game is still going on but it might as well be over. After Ryan Cordell hit a pinch-hit bomb to give our Sox a late 3-1 lead, things were trending in right direction. Our offense finally broke through after struggling to get anything going against Mike Clevinger, who finished his outing with 12 strikeouts. We were showing some fight against the team that has won the AL Central the past three years. The national announcers, while not knowing much about our squad, had a reasonable take while mentioning that the back end of the White Sox bullpen was a strength. This, for the most part, is accurate when referring to Jace Fry and new acquisitions Kelvin Herrera and Alex Colome. This two run lead that we lucked into should have felt safe.

So far so good. Ricky trotted out Jace Fry to start the inning against a predominately lefty top of the order. Fair enough. However, this strategy soon imploded and Fry loaded the bases. To Fry's credit, a blown call by the first base umpire Angel Hernandez contributed to this trouble. However, Ricky then handed the ball to.... Dylan Covey??? I'm sorry, but are you SERIOUS??? I realize that Kelvin Herrera pitched the day before (only 14 pitches), but to leave him in the pen sitting on his hands in a high leverage situation that we signed him to thrive in over DYLAN COVEY is beyond me. This move led to the beginning of the end, as our hated division rival began tacking on runs in large part due to a careless error by Yolmer Sanchez.

With a chance to redeem himself and stop the bleeding a bit, Ricky then brings in the untested Caleb Frare in another head-scratching move. The outcome of this? NOT GREAT! More runs! This eventually ended in a four run eighth inning for the Indians and a whole lot of momentum.

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I'm not sure what Ricky's thought process was, but if he wants to be around to reap the benefits of this young and promising core that will be making noise at the Major League level soon enough, then he needs to avoid these highly questionable moves. If this continues, my vote for White Sox Manager in 2020 goes to Omar Vizquel. He is building solid relationships with our stars of the future as a manager in our Minor League system. He's been raved about by the media so if he isn't our manager, he'll likely be the next manager of the Giants. Bruce Bochy is set to retire after this season and Vizquel was a fan favorite with the Giants from 2005-2007 during his impressively long career.

I didn't expect a whole lot this season, but I thought this carelessness was over. I hope I'm wrong, because this would lead to a lot more frustration-fueled blogs coming from my end and I want to deliver as much positivity to this fan base as I can. The 2019 campaign is still very young, but this type of play and leadership isn't going to fly.

-Andrew Kinzler