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Songs That Give White Sox Fans Chills

Bring back memories of baseball on the South Side with this list of songs that give White Sox fans chills.


A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing through my Spotify playlists while reminiscing on sports, so I fired up some songs that are tied to my favorite Chicago teams. Hockey was on the brain and memories of epic goals and Stanley Cups were flowing, leading me to put together a list of Songs That Give Blackhawks Fans Chills. That article received some positive feedback, and friend of the site Matt Berklan suggested we do them for every Chicago team. We're crowd-pleasers here at On Tap Sports Net, so this time around I'm moving on down to the South Side to share some tunes that are near and dear to the hearts of White Sox fans.

Journey - Don't Stop Believin'

How could this one not be atop the list? Journey's Don't Stop Believin' was the anthem of the White Sox 2005 World Series Championship. Upon hearing that first piano chord, memories of the South Siders' dominant playoff run immediately come rushing back. Just to name a few...

  • Blowing out Boston to kick things off
  • Iguchi's go-ahead three-run blast
  • El Duque working out of a bases-loaded jam
  • The A.J. dropped third strike game
  • Four straight complete games to take the AL Pennant
  • Konerko's grand slam
  • Podsednik's walk-off home run
  • Geoff Blum's extra-inning home run at Houston
  • Buehrle's three-beer save
  • "Tying run at second, two out, Palmeiro.. over the head of Jenks, Uribe charges, throws, OUT! And the White Sox have won the World Series!"

Chills indeed. 2005 Forever.

Holly Anderson - Harrow's Way

Everybody loves to refer to the White Sox old introduction video as the "Pirates intro" (we'll get there in a minute). However, that compilation actually featured three songs. The first one fans hear in that epic buildup is Harrow's Way by Holly Anderson. Undoubtedly the most underrated part of that montage, Harrow's Way sets the mood from the very beginning in a slow-burn fashion.

Klaus Badelt - He's a Pirate

Part two of the aforementioned hype video is He's a Pirate by Klaus Badelt. As still images of past White Sox legends, logos, gear, and more set to Harrow's Way fade into jump-cut video clips of highlights throughout the team's history, He's a Pirate takes the intensity up a notch.

AC/DC - Thunderstruck

Finally, the culmination of that beloved introduction features another White Sox anthem, AC/DC's Thunderstruck. Its fast-paced guitar into riff laced with "THUN-DER" vocals and drum blasts filling in behind GETS THE PEOPLE GOING. Even when listening to the regular version of the song, White Sox fans can hear Gene Honda belting out, "WHITE SOX FANS, ON YOUR FEET... FOR YOUR [insert year] CHICAGO WHITE SOX" in their heads.

The White Sox used to take the field to this song every game, but it has recently been interchanged with other tunes. Even as a 40-game season ticket holder, I can't remember any of the other intro songs recently used off the top of my head. While some people may argue that it's time to find a fresh introduction song to mark a new era of White Sox baseball, Thunderstruck will always be the favorite of most South Siders.

The Blues Brothers - Sweet Home Chicago

Alex Colome just locked down the final out, the crowd roars, fireworks explode, and that sweet guitar riff rings through the speakers at The Rate. Sweet Home Chicago means the White Sox just won a ballgame. If hearing this tune doesn't take you back to happier times, get yourself checked out. There's nothing better than finishing the last swig of that second beer you bought in the seventh inning, high fiving other Sox fans, and walking through the concourse as the Blues Brothers send you home happy.

Frank Sinatra - My Kind Of Town

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Here's a tune that likely flies under the radar in a White Sox scope. Unfortunately, this one is played after the final out when the White Sox are on the wrong side of the outcome at Guaranteed Rate Field, just as Sweet Home Chicago airs after a Sox winner. Despite the aforementioned circumstantial factors, hearing this song as you descend the steps of Gate 5 and gaze upon the skyline makes you proud to be a Chicagoan. Win or lose, White Sox fans remain loyal. And hey, it's not all bad; this song is often used in the soundtrack for postgame fireworks shows.

Captain Stubby and the Buccaneers - Let's Go, Go-Go White Sox

Here's a throwback to 1959. Let's Go, Go-Go White Sox was the fight song for the team's pennant run that season. Unfortunately, the Sox fell to the Dodgers in the 1959 World Series and the song was used infrequently afterward. In June 2005, the White Sox hosted the Dodgers for an interleague series. As part of a "turn back the clock" theme for one of the games, the song resurfaced in a video shown on the scoreboard. The Sox ended up winning on a walk-off home run by A.J. Pierzynski, resulting in the song's popularity increasing. The White Sox would continue to use it in various forms throughout the 2005 World Series run. Snippets of the song, most often organ renditions, can still be heard at the ballpark occasionally.

Steam - Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Nancy Faust's organ rendition of Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye forever lives in the nightmares of opposing pitchers. There's nothing like singing along with this tune to taunt the visitor's pitcher as he makes the walk of shame to the dugout. It also means the White Sox are likely in the middle or on the verge of a big inning. It's not used as frequently anymore, but current White Sox organist Lori Moreland will still fire it up occasionally.

The Rolling Stones - Start Me Up

To me, Start Me Up will always be associated with listening to White Sox baseball on the radio. Every time I hear it, it takes me back to 2002. I just finished baseball practice, jumped in the car with my dad, the intro of Start Me Up fades in then out, and an interview with Jerry Manuel begins as part of the pregame show. There certainly were other songs in the rotation, but Start Me Up stood out most to me.

Recently, the Sox On Tap crew has adapted the tune as a go-to tailgate jam. You can't beat cracking your first beer in Lot B and setting up the bags boards while the Stones, if you will, start you up.

Kanye West ft. Chris Martin - Homecoming

And you say Chi city! Kanye's Homecoming is a song that's often applied city-wide, not just to the White Sox. Due to its explicit nature, instrumental versions up until the chorus are the most frequent formats used at sporting events. Regardless, the chorus includes verbiage about Lake Michigan and fireworks. White Sox fans love fireworks.


I'll preface this section by saying that you can still appreciate Yoan Moncada and Michael Kopech while missing Chris Sale. For a long, painful stretch of White Sox baseball, the lanky lefty was the only saving grace. Hearing this song meant you were likely about to witness a strikeout fest thanks to that disgusting slider #49 frequently used to wipe out hitters. Additionally, this is one of the greatest walk-out songs a pitcher can possibly have. One might classify its slow buildup and ringing chorus as chill-inducing.

The Outfield - Your Love

Moving on from an all-time walk-out song, we arrive at an epic walk-up song. Gordon Beckham was supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread, but all White Sox fans know how that one turned out. Damn shame. Despite his deficiencies on the baseball field, his musical taste was top-notch. Your Love will always hold a place in the hearts of White Sox fans.

Future - Stick Talk

The White Sox slogan for the 2020 season (before everything was derailed due to coronavirus concerns) was supposed to be 'Change The Game.' Likely inspired by Tim Anderson's bat flips and bold attitude, the White Sox were on to something. Timmy's passion for the game shined through in a big way, and he let the stick do the talking en route to a batting title.

There are certainly more songs that bring about memories of White Sox baseball, but the ones on this list stood out among the crowd. Below this paragraph, I have embedded my White Sox Spotify playlist. It includes South Side classics, current and past walk-up songs, tunes played over the PA system at The Rate, tailgate jams, and more. Have other songs you would throw into the mix? Let me know in the comments or Twitter replies.