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Tony La Russa Praises Tim Anderson, Compares Him To World Series Champion

The star shortstop for the White Sox received significant praise from his manager on Friday.
Tony La Russa Tim Anderson comments

Photo: USA Today via NBC Sports Chicago

On Friday, White Sox color commentator Steve Stone took to Twitter, which isn't a rare occurrence. Normally, Stone likes to give his own opinion of the ballclub, giving fans an opportunity to engage and ask questions.

But this time around, he detailed a conversation he had with White Sox manager Tony La Russa, specifically centered around shortstop Tim Anderson.

To the untrained eye, this could come off as mere fluff from La Russa. However, it's hard to imagine Tony takes a comparison to longtime St. Louis Cardinal and World Series Champion Yadier Molina lightly. La Russa made a similar comment a few weeks ago when he compared Jose Abreu to Albert Pujols. Considering Pujols is a future first-ballot Hall of Famer, that type of praise shouldn't be taken lightly.

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With rumors constantly swirling that the locker room is "in shambles", it's important to note that things have seemed pretty clean-cut lately. Most White Sox players have spoken highly of La Russa the past few weeks, with the manager returning the praise. Many even embraced La Russa when he moved to second all-time in managerial wins against Detroit last Sunday.

Perhaps the chemistry in the locker room is doing just fine. After all, winning solves everything.