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Wheeling and Dealing

The best way for the White Sox to get MLB stars on their teams is via trade because of their colossal 2019 free agency failure.
Photos: Stroman - CBS Sports | Greinke - USA Today

Photos: Stroman - CBS Sports | Greinke - USA Today

D.J.’s got some roster arrangements. Since Mr. Wiffleball
Swing (Khris Davis) received an extension from the OAKLAND ATHLETICS OF ALL
TEAMS, I’ve needed to think of my mental contingency plan because I have a
strong influence on the front office, obviously. I have you covered!

Now, Beefloaf of the 108 has already mentioned this, but I’ve been on board since last offseason. The White Sox need to trade for Zack Greinke. I'm not the only one on this hill. Nick Madrigal and Gavin Sheets would get the job done via trade. I know, Madrigal is the “prized prospect” no one wants to get rid of. You cannot just grant that the second baseman position to him yet. Yes, he’s a front-runner for it, and the team is selling him as potentially being on the White Sox roster by the end of the season. I would be shocked if that happens. He's in Advanced-A ball! Think about it. He’s fast, but he cannot steal bases. He has good on base numbers, but he cannot hit for power. He doesn’t make errors, but how good is his range, really? You need to ask these questions. I don’t mean to be critical of a guy who is slightly shorter than me (I am not even tall), but these contributions matter. I think he projects to be an infield Jon Jay. I hope I’m wrong, but this could happen. The reason I would trade Sheets is that we have Abreu. We have Collins. Eloy will probably eventually move to 1B or DH after what we all thought was a season-ending injury last Friday night.

Next up, trade Steele Walker, Jameson Fisher, and Laz Rivera for Marcus Stroman. I know, a lot of White Sox fans did not like Stroman after his beef with Tim Anderson. Apparently, they settled that via Twitter,

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so why not trade for and extend a 27-year-old pitcher? Stroman is still relatively young. The White Sox do not have much starting pitching depth past AAA. Kopech and Dunning both just had Tommy John surgery in the past year. Stroman is a perfect fit. He has that fire on the hill. He’s a perfect guy for the South Side. He has one arbitration year left on his contract next season. Jump the gun, and you won’t have to give up as much for him.

Finally, (this is only if Marcell Ozuna, Yasiel Puig, and Nick Castellanos are not available via free agency next season, given how extensions have gone), trade Zack Collins +++ for Mitch Haniger. I’m not going to string together four different prospects to haul in Mitch Haniger from the Mariners (see what I did there), but let’s just say the Mariners have a weaker farm than the White Sox. They are going to be sellers at the break, so why not at least inquire about the power-hitting outfielder? Haniger is a free agent after 2022. Therefore, he has a few years left of team control and will require a pretty penny to be traded. Collins is blocked, especially if the Sox extend Abreu and Eloy moves to DH. I think he swings a great bat, but if his glove isn’t there catching-wise, he’s much more expendable.

Obviously, these won’t all happen, but the best way for the White Sox to get MLB stars on their team is via trade because of their colossal 2019 free agency failure. I understand waiting until the prospects develop, but if you are banking on Abreu and Rodón (who is a free agent after 2021) to contribute to contending teams, the window starts to open earlier. Let me be clear: this is not just a series of 2019 moves. These are moves to improve the team for 2020 and beyond, even though Corey Kluber broke his arm yesterday. You have prospects you can trade without drastically impairing your farm system. If this improves your team, you do it.

Featured Photo: Stroman - CBSSports | Greinke - USA Today