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White Sox Announce Chris Getz as Assistant General Manager/Player Development

The White Sox officially announced Chris Getz's new title as Assistant General Manager/Player Development on Wednesday.
Chris Getz White Sox


Per James Fegan of The Athletic, the White Sox have named Chris Getz the Assistant General Manager/Player Development.

Getz spoke with media members and provided some interesting commentary surrounding the White Sox, especially regarding possible Opening Day designated hitter, Andrew Vaughn.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily state that Vaughn will be starting in the MLB, but it looks as though he's a viable option if the White Sox are done adding this offseason. Vaughn’s last minor league season was in 2019, so there may be some bumps in the road for the young power hitter, but he does have an incredibly high ceiling.

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Getz also noted the minor league season will most likely begin in May for AA and below with Spring Training ramping up in April.

Beyond the news of Getz's new title, the White Sox also announced rest of the player development staff, at least to date:

While the lion's share of focus will be directed toward the big league club in 2021, the minor league staff will be integral in the White Sox plan for long-term success. After not having a minor league season in 2020, coaches throughout the farm system will have their work cut out for them as they get player development back on track in 2021.