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White Sox Commit to Paying Employees Through June

White Sox step up to the plate to pay employees.

On Thursday, word started to surface regarding several teams' commitments to pay their employees through June. The White Sox were one of those first teams to commit.

Jerry Reinsdorf has a bad reputation with fans when it comes to splurging on players and rightfully so, but he is one of the most loyal owners in any sport.

Sometimes that loyalty can result in staff being around way longer than they should be, for example Gar Forman, John Paxson, and Robin Ventura. In this case and in my mind for the most part, Reinsdorf’s loyalty is one of his great attributes. He takes care of his own and treats them like family. There are a lot of owners who don’t do that. Yes, I will be happy when the White Sox change ownership, but for now I’m proud that Reinsdorf has stepped up during this pandemic.

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