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Sox Crawl Returns For Halfway To St. Patrick’s Day

The White Sox are running another Sox Crawl on Sept. 3, which is also Halfway to St. Patrick's Day at the ballpark.
Chicago White Sox Crawl Halfway to St. Patrick's Day


The Chicago White Sox are throwing a second Sox Crawl this year. Not only does it fall on Labor Day weekend, but it is also Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day. It will take place Saturday, Sept. 3 before the 6:15 PM Sox vs. Twins game. The event will open exclusively to crawlers at 2:30 and remain that way till 4:40. Attendees will be free to move around the concourse to get beverages and food.

A ticket to Sox Crawl includes a lower-level ticket to the Twins game that night, an official Irish Sox jersey sponsored by Miller Lite, a green White Sox koozie, food and drink specials, and music. Tickets are $65 and include entry to the event and a game ticket in Sections 109, 110, 154, or 157. That is a pretty good deal.

Chicago White Sox Green Irish Jersey


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If this event is anything like the previous one, it should be a great time at the ballpark. Tickets are available on the Chicago White Sox' website.