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Bryan Danielson Replacement for Forbidden Door

Bryan Danielson will not be able to compete at the Forbidden Door PPV. But, he announced on Dynamite that he found a replacement, but who will it be?
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Bryan Danielson AEW

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

The curse of the Forbidden Door continues. It seems as if both companies have injuries and travel issues all over the place. One of the latest injuries that has dragged out is the Bryan Danielson injury. But, he announced that he has found a replacement for his match against Zack Sabre Jr., and this person will be replacing him at Blood and Guts as well on Wednesday. Perhaps the most notable piece of news surfaced out of Dynamite this week, stating that this replacement will be the newest member of the Blackpool Combat Club as well. Who will it be?

Dark Horse - Daniel Garcia

Yes, this is a complete long shot. Garcia is still a major part of the Jericho Appreciation Society, even with the recent additions of Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti. Many have started to remember that Garcia and Sammy have some major issues. Also, with this move, it seems as if Jericho's attention has moved over to Sammy, which could have upset Garcia even more. A turn for Garcia could be in the books, but is now really the right time? The only reason this doesn't seem likely is due to the Blood and Guts match that is taking place this coming Wednesday as well.

Fan Favorite - Johnny Gargano

Many pro wrestling fans have been wondering when "Mr. Wrestling" Johnny Gargano will return to a wrestling ring. It's been nearly six months since he has been in a ring and in that time so many things have changed since he decided to leave WWE. One of those factors is that he became a new father and his wife's contract recently ended as well. Every single time something like this comes up his name is trending on all types of social platforms. Maybe this time is the right time for him to come on back home.

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Front Runner - Cesaro

The most talked about name as of late is former WWE superstar Cesaro, who since his departure from that company has been taking a break as well. But, he has a history with Bryan Danielson from their days in WWE. It seems like it could be time for him to come back as well. When Danielson announced he would miss the match on Sunday, he talked about the history he has with his replacement. A lot of the signs pointed to this man being the answer to the Forbidden Door.