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Bryan Danielson Signs With AEW

The leadership in All Elite Wrestling's locker room gained another major veteran with the addition of Bryan Danielson. What will we see from him in AEW?
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Bryan Daneielson AEW

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The former leader of the "Yes Movement" is officially back in a pro wrestling ring, but this time it is with All Elite Wrestling. Bryan Danielson's new home is a place he should hopefully be able to show off his passion for the sport he truly loves. He made his way down to the ring right as Kenny Omega was ready to close the show out with another beatdown of a group of good guys. However, that was not going to happen on this night.

There aren't many wrestlers that can create their own buzz as Danielson did in his old home of WWE. But sadly it wasn't always received that way by the top brass of that company. Just as the case is with CM Punk, there is a new place to be able to show off that art form that these personalities once displayed back in their Ring Of Honor days. Now they get to do it on a bigger stage, all while being here to do something they love and help the company grow.

What exactly will Bryan Danielson bring to All Elite Wrestling? One thing is certain: he is going to be another great addition to the company and he will have the chance to help out some of the younger talents that are still building up their names in this industry. It's pretty incredible to see some veterans jump on board to show that this industry is going to continue to build back into the powerhouse it once was.

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