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Cena Returns! What this Means for WWE and Wrestling Going Forward

John Cena made his surprise return to WWE at Money in The Bank last night. The timing of the return seems to be just right.

John Cena

After a match for the ages, albeit amongst chaos, The Head of The Table Roman Reigns retained his Universal Championship against Edge. Reigns followed yet another victory in a dominant title reign by imploring the fans and superstars alike that they can finally “acknowledge” him as their champion. Before being able to exit the ring, an all too familiar sound befell the arena. 

Watching this live, I personally lost my mind. After taking well over a year off to follow in the steps of one Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and pursue Hollywood dreams, John Cena returning really wasn’t at the forefront of any fans' minds. However, the timing of this return couldn’t be any more perfect. 

Last time WWE gave the fans a Cena vs Reigns matchup, the booking seemed rushed and forced. John Cena’s presence in WWE felt part time. Cena showed up inconsistently on shows acting as a ratings boost for struggling shows. On the opposite side, Reigns was being force fed to the WWE Universe as the second coming and that, as a fan base, you needed to back him. The larger problem with this matchup at the time was both men were baby faces, yet neither had an iota of fan support. In the wrestling world this predicament is a non-starter and the match fell flat, at no fault of the superstars themselves.

Photo: WWE

Photo: WWE

What Does This Mean Moving Forward?

There are many promising factors in having Cena return at this juncture to tease a feud with Reigns. I’ll break them down below: 

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  • The most obvious factor is the return of live crowds. To bring John Cena back to any empty house would have been counterproductive. Just hearing the roof blow off the Dickie’s Arena in Fort Worth Sunday night when Cena’s music hit gave me all the goosebumps. 
  • The WWE has time to build something special this time around. They do NOT have to rush into putting The 16-time World Champion and The Tribal Chief in a one-off match. Cena essentially addressed this in a promo he delivered to the live crowd after Money in The Bank went off the air. 
  • Cena doesn’t have to just wrestle Reigns either. After the chaos of the night, opportunities to reignite old time feuds with Edge and Seth Rollins, among others, is ripe for the picking. 
  • For well over a year, Reigns has cemented himself as the head bad guy across all wrestling promotions. Roman’s ability to be an unrelenting heel has given him a career resurgence that actually allows Reigns to showcase his abilities on the mic. As fans know, that is something he used to struggle with. Cena being gone basically proved the old adage of “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. 

All of these factors will hopefully culminate in one hell of a Cena return, that I for one am excited to experience. 

Bonus Note: What the Hell does this mean?!

Photo: WWE

Photo: WWE

NWO Cena lives rent free in my brain.