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Covington vs Lawler Recap With Post-Fight Theatrics!

Covington victory spawns talks of super-fight but with whom?

Last night was a shockingly dominant performance by Colby Covington over “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler. The pace of the entire fight was heavily dictated by Covington. He kept Robbie against the cage almost the whole fight, and threw a total of 510 strikes throughout the five rounds. Of those 510 strikes, 172 landed and 120 hit Lawler in the head. Colby set the new record for strikes thrown in a single fight and he added 18 takedown attempts, ten of which he succeeded with. Oh, and seven of those ten, were in the first two rounds alone! The fight was very exciting to watch but what happened afterwards was even more electric.

UFC commentators Karyn Bryant and Rashad Evans were joined by current Welterweight champion Kamaru Usman and Covington post-fight. The moment Covington got on-set, Karyn Bryant asked: “Would you agree that was the best performance we’ve seen from you?”

In a much
more condensed version, Covington replied, “No, I’m saving my best for that
dude over there.”

He also stated that every hit Lawler threw at him was nothing special and that he is the most well-rounded fighter on the planet. Now, I’d rather not get into those details because we know if he were in the same weight class as Jon Jones, it wouldn’t even be close, but I digress. Things got a little heated in the interview after that point, just check out the full clip below:

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Personally, after this performance against Robbie Lawler, I think Covington deserves the title shot against Usman. However, I don’t think he gets to go straight to the title fight. Have we forgotten what Jorge Masvidal did to Ben Askren a month ago?

No, I didn’t
think so.

In my
opinion, I think a super-fight between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington
absolutely has to happen. The winner of that fight gets the title shot against
Usman. I think this needs to happen this way because Masvidal wasn’t tested at
all in those five (but really only two) seconds against Askren. Also, Covington
put on a show against Lawler and even though the fight went the full 25 minutes,
he didn’t take too much heat from Robbie.

They need to fight each other to really give both fighters a rock-hard test, and find out who has what it takes to go up against Usman. I don’t think any of us would complain at seeing either of them go up against him!

Featured Photo: MMA WEEKLY