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First Dance: AEW Coming to United Center in Chicago

In an anticipated, yet still surprising announcement it was revealed that All Elite Wrestling will be making its United Center debut.
All Elite Wrestling


Earlier tonight during a rundown of what’s to come in AEW, Tony Schiavone announced that the fast growing wrestling company will be getting an upgrade in venue size when it returns to Chicago. This show will take place Friday August 20, which will be the second installment of AEW’s newest weekly program, Rampage.

Besides moving a show into a high profile venue such as the United Center for the first time, this decision may also have other implications.

There have been rumors swirling in the wrestling community that a few big names may be making the jump to AEW fairly soon. One of those is CM Punk, a Chicago native and absolute fan favorite. Two weeks after Rampage is AEW’s premier show of the year, All Out, also taking place in the Chicago area. If rumors of a CM Punk return are true, the roof of the United Center does not stand a chance.

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Photo: Wrestling Inc.

Photo: Wrestling Inc.

What do you think of the move? Is this announcement a foreshadowing of a dynamic return? Let me know what you think or call me a mark on Twitter @Dominicflisk.