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Frankie Edgar Drops to Bantamweight

Photo: Esther Lin MMA Fighting

Photo: Esther Lin MMA Fighting

Frankie Edgar has announced that he will be making the cut to the UFC’s Bantamweight division for his next bout. This is a trend that we have seen with many fighters from Edgar's era, both Chris Weidman and Luke Rockhold recently made the jump to Light Heavyweight for a fresh start. Most of the fighters making a weight class change in the past year are doing so because of the hindrance the weight cut has on their performance.

Edgar's case is different, Edgar has been undersized at both Lightweight and Featherweight. MMA fans have always pondered how Edgar would preform against those similar in height and reach.

After his fight with Max Holloway it seemed apparent that Edgar needed a change. Edgar was able to touch Holloway with some combinations but never had Holloway in any trouble. I think his move down to Bantamweight gives him more power, and even though it seems impossible... more durability.

Edgar moving down opens the door to some “Fight of the Night” worthy matchups. Here are a few that tickle my fancy.

Edgar vs. Faber II 

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Faber is coming off a huge win against Rickey Simon, and now there is talk about a potential fight with Henry Cejudo. I think it is a bit early in Faber's return to jump directly into the title picture. Instead, I think a rematch between Edgar and Faber just simply makes sense at this point in their careers. The first time around Edgar bested Faber by unanimous decision, but that was at featherweight.  I am interested to see what would happen between two veterans of the sport with title contention in mind for the winner. I see that fight being a scramble filled affair, and I am always down to watch some scrambles.

Edgar vs. Garbarant

This fight is one that really excites me. I think Garbrandt needs a big name to recollect himself and return to the break-dancing, power punching, brawler we saw in the Dominick Cruz fight. This also gives Edgar a chance to jump up in the rankings, and fight a proven contender at that weight class to show he belongs at the top.

Edgar vs. Sandhagen

This would be a familiar situation for Edgar, sent in to test the skills of a young, creative, unorthodox striker/grappler, that embodies the meaning of the new age of MMA. Would the results be the same as when he put the stamp on Yair Rodriguez? Or would Sandhagen rise to the occasion andput Edgar away. That narrative is always one that gets the MMA community interested, the test for an up and comer.  Sanhagen wins, he propels himself to the top of the division. If Edgar wins, he shows that he belongs there just as much as anyone else at this division.

Those are some potential fights I am excited for, do you have any that come to mind? Leave a comment below and let me know who you want to see Frankie Edgar take on next at Bantamweight.

Featured Photo: Esther Lin/MMA Fighting