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Ghost Town: When Will Hangman Adam Page Return?

Fans are starting to wonder when The Cowboy will return to an AEW Ring. Well, several signs are point to that being a possibility very soon.
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Fans all over are waiting for the Cowboy to return. He has been away since August 4, and since then the landscape of AEW has changed a little bit. Several new faces have shown up. Also, his former friends, The Dark Order, have been struggling to hold it together. Just this week it was mentioned on "Being The Elite", “Maybe they just need to find a new friend”.

So, when Hangman returns will it be to help out his former friends? Or will he be continuing his path to the AEW World Championship? He will have a new enemy to face that just joined his old friends and that is Adam Cole. Those two have some history as well. We will most likely see a run-in with those two before Hangman can get back to his real goal of facing Kenny Omega.

He will have to work his way back into the Championship picture though after being gone for so long. But, don't look past him. He has done it once before. Maybe he doesn't chase the championship when he gets back. He could try to fix the issues his former friends are having or worse, could he crawl back to The Elite?

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If he goes back to The Elite, could he try to destroy them from within? He could have some help with that because Adam Cole left on bad terms originally with the group. It will be very exciting to see him return. The question stands, when will that be?

How about tonight at the largest show in All Elite Wrestling history? The crowd would go absolutely crazy for him.