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Join The Dark Order: A Brodie Lee Tribute

One year since his passing, we remember a legacy that will last forever. Brodie Lee will forever be the TNT Champion.
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Brodie Lee AEW

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

One year ago, the pro wrestling community was rocked to its core with the passing of Jon Huber, aka Brodie Lee or Luke Harper. No matter the name he used or the company he worked for, he was loved. He was very clearly a superstar inside and outside the ring. The outpouring of love and support from millions around the world was something we have never seen in pro wrestling.

As a wrestling fan, I’ve watched Brodie for nearly 10 years now. When I became familiar with him, I knew he was special. There are not many wrestlers with his size, persona, and pure athleticism. He had flashes in WWE through his years, including his times in the Wyatt Family and his solo run as the Intercontinental Champion.

But his greatest times, in my eyes, were during his AEW days. Fans could see his inner child emerging and he just had fun every time he was in the ring. His time and skits with the Dark Order helped make all parties involved into bigger names. Brodie carried the torch for everyone around him. It's evident when listening to different wrestlers talk about him; there is no ill will surrounding his name. So just remember to be a little bit kinder in life.

Even though his time in All Elite Wrestling was short, it might have been the best part of his wrestling career. The moments he created will be remembered until the end of time. He was able to have fun again, teach people, and on top of that, he continued to provide for his wonderful family. There was nothing he loved more than his family. He did everything for them until his time came to an end.

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His Legacy Lives On

Recently, AEW hired his wife Amanda to join its community outreach program. Also, many know that his son -1, Brodie Lee Jr., will be inside of a wrestling ring when he grows up. Jr. truly loves the sport of pro wrestling and he will continue to honor his father for years.

Over the past year, it was announced the Jon Huber Foundation would be created in his honor. The organization will support those in creative fields who have not been able to take that next step. The foundation's essence truly echoes Jon's character. He always looked to help those around him in any way. That initiative will surely be able to do some amazing things for plenty of people in the community.

Dec. 26 will always be a difficult day for Jon Huber's family, friends, and fans. But some important life lessons can come from remembering his legacy. Even through the hard times, he brought so many people together. Just remember, life can be short so celebrate your time here don't hesitate scared to tell those close to you that you love them.

Brodie Lee will forever be the TNT Champion. May he rest in peace.

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