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RECAP: AEW Dynamite – July 1, 2020

Photo: AEW

Photo: AEW

The show opened with "Le Champion" Chris Jericho coming out to join the commentary team for the night. The first match of the night was MJF and Wardlow vs Jurassic Express.

The night really began with a promo from MJF talking about the reason they are in this match, after constantly beating this team time and time again. The promo was fantastic, it went to another level when MJF said: "its because we are in a rating war".

Jungle Boy started this match with a little bit more fire than usual, and that was halted really quick once Wardlow helped on the outside. For the first part of the match, the heel team had control with constant teamwork and underhanded tactics. Jungle Boy was finally able to get a tag to Luchasaurus, turning the momentum around. Both big men tagged out a short time later and we saw Jungle Boy just absolutely take it to MJF.

The true turning point of the match came when both teams got laid out in the middle of the ring and all hit a kip-up. They all went after each other, but Jungle Boy hit a Canadian Destroyer running off the backs of the two big guys. Shortly after that, the team of MJF and Wardlow had a miscommunication when MJF got the dynamite diamond ring on. He accidentally hit Wardlow with it. Jurassic Express worked as a team to get the pinfall win on Wardlow.

Right after the show returned from a commercial break, we saw Joey Janela attack Lance Archer out in the crowd. It was quickly broken up, but the two are ready for their match next week for part two of Fyter Fest.

The next matchup was the Women's World Championship match between Penelope Ford and Hikaru Shida. Before the match even got started, Kip Sabian was ejected from ringside. The champion started the match with major aggression, which has made her more dangerous of late. Penelope Ford was able to take control for a little while when Shida missed a knee strike to the corner. Ford used the turnbuckle to her advantage by smashing Shida's head off of it a few times. She followed that up by using her speed on some more strikes on the champion.

Shida turned the match around when she was able to lock in a sleeper hold, however she lost the hold. Shida hit the falcon arrow and went for the pin but Ford rolled her up, only to yield a two count. Ford was able to counter a missile dropkick and hit a stunner and, once again, only got a two count.

Kip Sabian snuck back out to try to help but got a kendo stick to the head for his troubles. Ford hit another stunner but only got a two count once again. The match came to an end when Shida hit a falcon arrow and got a shocking two count but got right up and hit a quick knee strike for the three count.

The TNT Championship matchup was next up, Jake Hager vs. Cody. This match started off in a very old school way, with lock-up attempts and classic wrestling. Both competitors continued trying to one-up the other. They matched move for move throughout the start of the match, but that changed when Cody finally went high risk when Hager was sidetracked by Arn Anderson.

Hager got control after a few minutes by hitting a suplex on the outside of the ring, after finally attacking Arn Anderson. After several minutes, Cody finally took control back when Hager put him in a sleeper hold and used it against him. He then went to the top rope and hit a picture-perfect cutter, following that with a few more combinations and got a near fall.

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Hager countered and dropped Cody to the group to hit a Vader bomb. The match came to an end when Hager's wife slapped Cody when he wasn't looking, but Cody got some revenge when the referee wasn't looking with Dustin coming to ringside and paying that back. That was followed up by Hager hitting a slam into the chokehold, but Cody rolled him over into a pinfall for the win. Jack Hager thought he won the match and argued with the referee before hitting him with a stiff right hook.

Following that match, fans received a quick message from Darby Allin. Currently, he still is not medically cleared, but that isn't stopping him from skateboarding at home and pulling off some crazy stunts.

Coming back from a commercial we got to see Orange Cassidy heading out towards the commentary table to annoy his opponent for next week.

The next match was Santana & Ortiz vs. Private Party in tag team action. Private Party took the early control and threw their opponents off their game. It didn't take long for Ortiz to help his tag partner from the outside, as they took major control from there. They continued to tag in and out and pull off double team moves to keep Isiah Kassidy away from his partner.

After a few moments, he was able to get Marq Quen into the match, but they didn't control the match for long. Ortiz and Santana continued to use as much time as they could. The match came to an end when Private Party found a split second to hit their tag team finisher, Gin and Juice, for the pinfall win.

After the match, Chris Jericho was annoyed with Orange Cassidy so he threw water at him. Cassidy got up and walked away, that just made Jericho even more upset.

We heard a quick word from Taz and Brian Cage. It was announced they are not fighting next week anymore. They did mention it will be in two weeks at Fight for the Fallen.

The main event of the evening was the World Tag Team Championship match between The Best Friends, and Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page. Everyone knows that The Best Friends won the entrance of the night with Trent's mom driving them to the ring in her mini-van.

Chuck Taylor and Kenny Omega started off this match and went toe-to-toe for counters as well. They both tagged out to get Hangman and Trent into the match. The champions took control of the match and worked on keeping Trent away from his partner. The challengers took the match over when Chuck finally got a tag in after Trent took a beating for a few minutes. However, that was short-lived thanks to Kenny Omega.

The champions lined up to hit their finisher but got stopped in their tracks, instead, they got hit with Strong Zero from The Best Friends, who only managed a two count, thanks to Kenny Omega breaking up the pin. The match finished up when Hangman was able to take control by himself and hit the Buckshot Lariat on Trent for the pinfall win.

At the end of the match, FTR joined the champions in the ring for a beer and they toasted in the center of the ring. However, Omega poured it out and that made FTR upset, leading to an exchange of words. The Young Bucks came in for the save before anything happened to end the show.