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RECAP: AEW Dynamite - July 22, 2020

A recap of the action from AEW Dynamite on 7/22/20.
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AEW Dynamite July 22

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

The show got off to a quick start with the TNT Championship. Cody started the show off in the ring and right after he was introduced we found out who his opponent was, none other than Eddie Kingston. He walked straight to the ringside and had a few words to say. Kingston even pissed off Cody enough to agree to the match is No DQ.

The match started right as Kingston was being introduced, as he blindsided Cody. This leads them to the outside of the ring and both brawled for a few moments. They made their way back into the ring where as soon as Cody took control, Kingston rolled to the outside again. Cody would continue the attack, chasing him down and bringing him back into the ring. But that didn't last long when Kingston hurt his left knee and rolled out again. Cody took off his belt, but Kingston got it and hit the champion a few times with it. Once they got back into the ring again, Kingston took control back for a little while. Cody then gained control for a short time with a chop block to the left knee, but that changed back into Kingston's favor when he tricked Cody and hit him with a low blow. Things continued in the challenger's favor when he brought in thumbtacks and laid them all over the mat and then he was able to powerbomb Cody onto them. It may have been a huge mistake at the same time, as Cody snapped shortly after that and went onto a quick attack. The match came to an end when Cody was able to lock in a figure four, bridge up a little to add more pressure to the move, and make Eddie Kingston tap out.

Following that match, we heard from AEW Champion Jon Moxley about his match with Brian Cage. Next up, MJF headed to the ring to try to continue his undefeated streak in singles competition. His opponent is Griff Garrison, and the two have a little bit of a back-and-forth that upsets MJF. The match starts right after MJF takes a cheap shot by hitting his opponent with the microphone. This match was all MJF. The only change Griff had was when he rolled MJF up for a near fall, but that only angered him. The match came to a close when he hit Heat Seeker for the pinfall win. Next, we heard from Dr. Britt Baker, who compares herself to Michael Jordan. It also seems as if she might be back for the All Out PPV.

Brian Cage and Taz came out next. Taz talks more about the reason for throwing in the towel in the title match last week. He wasn't going to allow Cage to get injured again and that everyone should watch out for the Machine now. This brings out Darby Allin, who has missed about a month of action thanks to Brian Cage. Once Darby made it ringside, he was blindsided by Ricky Starks. Cage and Starks continued the attack and have seemed to officially join forces, but before they could do too much damage Jon Moxley came out for the save with a barbed wire bat.

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

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A major announcement followed that regarding the Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament: The Deadly Draw. It will be making its way to the show this summer. Following that, we heard from Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle. He is still upset about being embarrassed last week. He is also looking to make Jurassic Express pay for making fun of him last week as well.

The Falls Count Anywhere match started when the Young Bucks went out searching for The Butcher and The Blade. They found them in the kitchen in the backstage area. The whole match was back and forth, it truly seemed like anyone could win this one. The Young Bucks had a really good chance when they had a two-on-one for a little while against The Butcher, but The Blade made his way back after taking a superkick and an escalator ride. The match came to an end when the Young Bucks knocked out both opponents and placed them on to a table, hitting an elbow drop and a senton bomb off the stage for the pinfall win.

After that match, we heard from Alex Marvez, who stopped Lance Archer and Jake Roberts to ask why we didn't see them last week. This sets Lance Archer off into a rage, as he walks into a locker room and absolutely destroys everyone in there. Roberts lets Marvez know they are tired of not being noticed.

The following match features Diamanté vs. Ivelisse. These two women have some history against each other and working together. They are both here though to make a name in the company and to come after the AEW Women's Championship. Ivelisse started the match off quickly with what could be viewed as a cheap strike, but it got her the early control of the match. The two would continue to battle even outside the ring where Diamanté was able to gain control for a short time. But once Ivelisse got it back she was even more aggressive, which actually ended up costing her in this match big time. The match ended when Diamanté rolling up her opponent with an inside cradle for the pinfall win.

The next match was Alan "5" Angels vs. Hangman Adam Page. The match started with a monster forearm from Hangman that knocked Angels clearly off his feet. Hangman continued with a few more hard strikes that kept his opponent grounded. Angels was able to use his speed for a little bit to get a few offensive moves in, but that wouldn't last for long. They were both on the outside of the ring and Hangman continued to use his power to control the majority of the match. The Dark Order finally made their way to the ring to help get Angels back on track and distract Hangman for a few moments. That helped Angels gain the control that he wasn't able to achieve alone. Things looked to be in his favor until Angels himself got sidetracked, which resulted in Hangman taking control and leveling him with a nice elbow. The match ended with a lifting powerbomb straight into a pinfall. After the match Brodie Lee came out to talk to "Mr. Page", offering him protection with the Dark Order. Hangman Adam Page turned that down by stating that he's not ready "to join a cult," which only angered Mr. Lee. The Dark Order made their way into the ring to take out Page. However, FTR made the save to try to even the numbers, and shortly behind them was Kenny Omega the other half of the tag team champions. They saved Hangman from a much worse beatdown.

The Main Event was next: The Jurassic Express vs. Chris Jericho and Jake Hager. The match starts with Jericho and Jungle Boy, as Jericho used his veteran experience to gain control. That lasted until Jungle Boy was able to use speed to gain momentum back, forcing Jericho to tag in Jake Hager. Jungle Boy was smart enough to match power with power by getting Luchasaurus into the match. The two big men would continue to try to outstrike the other. Hager would start to work on his leg and dragged him to the corner and get Jericho back into the match. It's no surprise that the veteran continued to work the leg as well. Jericho and Hager would continue to tag in and out to stay fresh and work on their toughest competition in this match. The two big men knocked each other down with a clothesline and they both ended up tagging in their partners. Jungle Boy used his speed to take down Jericho and gain control back. He even got a near fall that got broken up by Hager. When the referees' backs were turned, Marko Stunt jumped into the match to help. Jericho would later take him down with a punch while he was on the side of the ring. Following that attack, Jericho was able to control the next few minutes against Jungle Boy. He finally walked over and tagged in Hager to do some more damage to the opponent. Jungle Boy almost got a tag to Luchasaurus until Hager knocked him off the apron. Jericho tried to bring the bat into play, but referee Aubrey Edwards would not allow that and they continued to argue for few moments. Jungle Boy finally made the tag to get his partner into the match and sway the momentum back into their favor. Marko Stunt got himself involved again trying to help his friends win but still didn't get it down. The issue was the numbers game, and the Inner Circle used that to distract the referee. When the referee was paying attention to what happened on the outside of the ring, a surprising name came to help Jericho and Hager, which was Serpentico using Jericho's bat on Luchasaurus. Jericho then hit the Code Breaker for the pinfall win. Following that, everyone got into the ring to continue the attack on Jurassic Express. The attack came to an end when Serpentico hit a shooting star press onto Luchasaurus. Right after that, he took off his mask to reveal himself as Sammy Guevara! The Inner Circle is back in full force, and The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy came in to make sure they attacks were finally over. The show closes with the announcement of a 10-man tag match involving The Inner Circle vs. Jurassic Express and The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy.