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RECAP: AEW Dynamite - June 24, 2020

What went on in the 6/24/20 edition of AEW Dynamite?
Photo: All Elite Wrestling

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

This edition of AEW: Dynamite kicks off with a lumberjack match between Wardlow and Luchasauras! Two huge bodies collided to begin the action. Luchasauras was thrown out of the ring immediately but not thrown in by his teammates, defying the rules of the lumberjack match. Luchasauras tossed again, not by his team, shook off the ringside attackers. Wardlow has not let up and was in full control of this match before Luchasauras found his bearings and went on full attack. Vengeance drove Wardlow to a top rope suplex, but it was only a two count. Jungle Boy attempted a pep talk and was tossed. Immediately after, a huge jump and Marco Stunt flew at the lumberjacks. Wardlow, ringside and distracted, gets jumped on by Luchasauras from the stage. Luchasauras had the pin, but the referee was distracted by MJF. Jungle Boy took care of MJF but it was too late for Luchasauras, as he was pinned. The ring soon turned into a battle royal as the ring was flooded with wrestlers fighting each other.

Next, Hikaru Shida took on Red Velvet in a ridiculously swift match. Pre- and post-match, Shida attacked Penelope Ford and even made her way to attacking Kip Sabian. It was a huge build-up for the Fyter Fest pay-per-view.

Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana and “The Exalted One” Brodie Lee take on Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss. Kiss started out strong but one slip-up gave Lee the advantage. Janela and Kiss had a quick advantage on Cabana until the double-teaming went too far when Lee came in and they learned to regret it. Cabana and Lee maintain control throughout the match until a swift set of moves and the double middle fingers by Janela. Now Janela and Kiss both go high flying for a leg up, but a pin is broken up by Lee. Kiss, taking out Lee’s goons, gets turned around and received a mean kick by Lee. Lee then entered the ring, landed a huge hit on Janela, and appointed Cabana to cover for a three-count pin. Immediately following, Lance Archer came to the ring, caused a day of reckoning for the ages, and was steered away by manager Jake Roberts.

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Next on the card, Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels of SCU took on Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood of FTR. After an early back-and-forth, SCU takes an offensive lead. The match may as well have turned into a tornado tag after all four competitors were in the ring. The match momentarily went ringside, but once back in, SCU took control. Two-count after two-count, kicking out became a trend for both sides. After a big collision, both sides make it to their partners with seconds to spare and the match is once again tooth and nail. FTR had a brilliant double team move but it still resulted in another two count. Now a pair of brilliant double team moves by SCU, but still could not be put away. Finally, a double team finisher takes home the win for FTR.

Following the match, “The Machine” Brian Cage took on Joe Cruise. Cage started the match by literally curling Cruise then having some fun and throwing him around. The match literally lasted all of 45 seconds. Taz then yapped on and on about how Cage is the best and how he deserves a shot against Jon Moxley.

Representing the Inner Circle, Santana took on “Broken” Matt Hardy. After a momentary lead, Santana was tossed over the top rope and now the match is all Hardy. In an attempt to return to the ring, Santana’s normal partner, Ortiz, snuck up on and took advantage of Hardy. A big slam by Santana and multiple two counts could still not put away Hardy. A frog splash by Santana but nobody home! Hardy was back in control but still only recorded a two-count against Santana. Then came three finishers in a row by Hardy and three two-counts. It was a very even match that finished in a Matt Hardy victory. However, Ortiz joined the fun and leveled Hardy until Private Party came to scare the duo off.

Now to finish off the night, we have Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy. It wasn't a scheduled fight, but it was long overdue. The two were in the ring in a one-on-none shit-talking bout. Jericho threatened and trash-talked Cassidy until he couldn’t take anymore. Cassidy mockingly kicked Jericho’s shins, Jericho broke Cassidy’s sunglasses, and it was a fight all around the arena to finish the night off.