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RECAP: AEW Dynamite – June 3, 2020


The show started off with a major match. The AEW Tag Team Titles were on the line. The Challengers were Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc with Penelope Ford at their side, facing off against the Champions Hangman Adam Page, and Kenny Omega.

This was a great way to start the show with some tag team action. The team of Havoc and Sabin got the early advantage thanks to a little outside help. Just when Hangman was about to get the momentum back for his team, Ford got involved again, but this time she was also caught in the act. The referee kicked her out of the match following that point. We also saw the newly signed team, FTR, watching from the crowd. The fast-paced action continued in the ring with both teams getting close pins during that time. The match finally ended with “The Last Call” from the Tag Champs for the three.

The following video package showed Tully screaming at Spears aired again. He is truly trying to get more out of him. Right after that, they showed new footage of Tully meeting up with Spears in an SUV and he had a box with him. In that box was a single fingerless black glove. Some are asking what that means. Well, for starters many legends have worn that. Also, there may be some planting of the seeds for a new “four horsemen” stable.

Next up, Brian Cage made short and dangerous work of Shawn Dean. Following the match, Taz hopped on the microphone and talked about the way Jon Moxley isn’t taking them seriously and how he had laughed at them the previous week. That prompted Moxley to the ring, and he explained his actions as he is excited for the battle ahead and that it won’t be easy for Cage either.

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The show returned and Lance Archer was shown in a video talking about how one loss will not stop him, and how he is here to hurt people. In another video segment, Private Party was in the backstage area drinking, and in walked Matt Hardy, as the Extreme version of himself. He mentioned to them that they are really the future of the tag division and how he respects them. Matt even offers to help them in any way he can. That prompted Private Party to ask Matt to form the Hardy Party, and he accepted. Hardy left and was walking through a hallway when he ran into Sammy Guevara, Matt simply told him that he respects him and leaves.

The video of last week was re-aired showing the altercation between Jericho and Mike Tyson. Following that was the Jericho vs Colt Cabana fight. The match was a very even and a great back and forth contest. Cabana seemed to have early control in this one. There were a few close pins at the end of the match for Cabana, but he made one mistake running right into the Judas Effect from Jericho, which happened to be the finale of the match and another Chris Jericho win. Following the win, he demanded a microphone. He talked about how that same thing will happen to Tyson as well. Then came the calling out of “The Baddest Man on the Planet”, but he doesn’t get Tyson. However, he did get Orange Cassidy, who made his way to the ring where he was able to avoid an attack from Jericho and Hanger and slipped his way back into the crowd with The Best Friends.

The second to last match was Big Swole vs Nyla Rose. The former champion was surprised early by the very aggressive nature of Big Swole. She went in with a solid plan. Still, the power of Rose slowed her up in the middle of the match. Swole ended up regaining control after a little while and hit a cutter to try to end the match, but only got a two count. Nyla ended up reversing Dirty Dancing and hit The Beast Bomb for the win. After the match, Big Swole was interviewed and was confronted by Britt Baker. Looks like we saw the next feud starting for her.

We received an update on Darby Allin following Double Or Nothing’s Ladder Match, and he still isn’t cleared to compete. But, he let Brian Cage know it isn’t over yet.

Next up was the FTR interview. They filled everyone in as to why they came to AEW. Also, they put every tag team on notice right away. They are here to be the best.

The Main Event of the evening was Jungle Boy vs Cody in the first-ever title defense of the TNT Championship. The first part of the match was a constant back and forth between the two. Cody showed off more power during this match. Jungle Boy showed off his quickness. A major turning point for Jungle Boy was when the battle went to the outside and Cody placed him against a wall. His plan was to head butt him, but that backfired because he moved and hit the wall instead, causing himself to open up a nice cut. They continued to both get the offense in. There was a different side of aggressiveness from Jungle Boy in this one. However the match ended when he shifted his weight while on the top rope and took he and Cody right through a table. Cody picked him up and tossed him in the ring, hitting a Cross Rhodes to end the battle. The evening was a great success.