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RECAP: WWE Friday Night Smackdown - July 17, 2020

Highlights, storylines, and more from WWE Friday Night Smackdown on 7/17/20.
wwe smackdown recap

Photo: WWE

The newest episode of WWE Friday Night Smackdown kicked off with a singles match between Big E and Cesaro. The winner of the match chose the stipulation of the upcoming pay-per-view. The match was all brawling and big-man power housing. When the referee was not looking, Cesaro's partner, Shinsuke took advantage and gave the match the deciding factor for a Cesaro win. Cesaro and Shinsuke later announced the stipulation of the match, and they chose a table match.

The next segment of the show was A Moment Of Bliss, hosted by Alexa Bliss. Bliss and Cross were talking about the upcoming pay-per-view. Bayley and Sasha Banks, per usual, interrupted the show. Fists then started flying, Asuka ran to the ring, and now we’ve got a tag team match featuring Sasha and Bayley against Asuka and Cross.

On Sunday, Asuka will face Sasha for the Raw women’s championship, and Bayley will face Cross for Smackdown. Bayley and Cross started the match off and for a while, Cross was in trouble, but she was able to get a tag off. Back-to-back baseball slides resulted in both Bayley and Sasha getting stuck in the apron, where Asuka and Cross were able to take advantage and inflict a copious amount of damage. A rampage by Cross could only lock in a two-count, where the tables inevitably turn. There was another huge set by Cross, but the two-count was broken up just in time by Banks. Just when Cross had the win in sight, a reversal followed by a dirty pin gave Bayley and Sasha the win.

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Next on the card, John Morrison took on Braun Strowman. Strowman doesn’t seem to be himself, as he’s acting rather odd. For the entirety of the match, Morrison has not had a moment of offense. Strowman then sent a message to Bray Wyatt and stormed off.

As the hurt John Morrison is still limping up the stage, the first competitor of the next match, Lacey Evans, made her way to the ring to face Naomi. Some dirty fighting and a slight back-and-forth made this yet another quick match. Evans won after a big finisher and a pin.

“The Original Bro” Matt Riddle took on AJ Styles in the main event for the Intercontinental championship. There was slight back-and-forth action before Riddle took complete control by frustrating and even taunting Styles. The match continued as a more even-keeled bout. Riddle had a couple of golden opportunities to take home the gold but failed to capitalize. He flew off the top rope but nobody was home! Riddle then took a beating, yet he was still kicking. After a lengthy submission by Styles, a reverse and a roll made for a decisive win by Styles. Just following the match, Styles fooled and lured in Riddle for a handshake. While doing so, King Corbin attacked Riddle from the back as Styles left the stage.