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RECAP: WWE Monday Night Raw - June 22, 2020

It was an action-packed event on WWE Raw last night.
Photo: WWE

Photo: WWE

Last night's episode of Monday Night Raw kicked off with the surprising and newfound information that Dolph Ziggler will now be a Raw athlete. Ziggler made his way to the ring and challenged Drew McIntyre for a title shot, which was then announced to be held at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

Next on the show, Nia Jax made her way out to the ring, pulled up a chair and a microphone then started ranting. Soon after, R Truth interrupted the female superstar. Truth went on a rambling rant about Akira Tozawa. Tozawa’s “ninjas” then ran him off the stage. Still not being able to get a word in, now Charlotte Flair headed to the ring. After a few minutes of arguing, fists start flying until referees were able to break up the scuffle.

Following those events, the Street Profits and the Viking Raiders face off for the Raw tag team championships. There was a quick two count from the Viking Raiders after an electrifying start for the tag team. The Street Profits were credited with their first two count of the match following the stealing of the Viking Raiders' finishing move. The Street Profits won and retained their titles on championship Monday. Nothing but class by the Viking Raiders as they exchanged hugs and congratulations, which potentially kept the Viking Profits alive. Before they could exit, the Street Profits were jumped by Andrade and Angel Garza. The duo escaped before the Viking Raiders could return and help the Street Profits.

Next on the show was another “Monday Night Messiah” promotion by Seth Rollins threatening Rey and Dominick Mysterio. After yet another nonsensical and cultist message, the show moved onto Charlotte Flair challenging for the women’s belt that Asuka possesses.

Flair’s shoulder is taped up after the altercation with Nia Jax earlier in the night. Asuka seems to be at 100 percent so this will be an uphill battle for Flair. After a hearty submission held on Asuka, she’s struggling to regain control against Flair. Following a short back-and-forth between the two, Asuka finally gets a break. An attempted arm-bar is finished by a rope break. Now an attempted pin was broken up by a rope break favoring Asuka. A series of reversals and pins leads Asuka to a submission hold, which gives her a victory and allows her to retain her title.

Edge made an appearance via promotion for the first time since Backlash and his tricep surgery. It was a long but relatively repetitive speech about the Backlash match, Christain, Ric Flair, Orton’s father, his hatred for Randy Orton, and Randy just in general. The scene is cut to a Randy Orton interview backstage. Orton was giving tips to Christain and Edge on how to stay alive longer; simply stay away from him.

Following those events, Charlotte Flair was attacked backstage once again by Nia Jax. After targeting the injured left arm of Flair, Jax was run off by medics attending to the distressed superstar.

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Now a match featuring Tozawa and R Truth was just about underway, then Lashley and MVP made their grand entrance. Tozawa wisely flees the ring after Lashley and MVP made quick work of all the ninjas. Lashley then brutally assaulted R Truth and allowed Tozawa to sneak in and steal a win over Truth. Tozawa is now the new 24/7 champion.

Next on the card was a match featuring Natalya and Liv Morgan. Last week, Morgan and Natalya teamed up and lost. Natalya then placed all the blame on Morgan, which ignited the fire for the match tonight. Natalya made her entrance with a new manager, the recently divorced and fired Lana. Even though Natalya was on attack most of the match, Lana provided the final and winning distraction for Natalya. This may be a new heel persona of Natalya.

Heading to the ring next was Ric Flair, showing his face on television for the second week in a row. The reason for his appearance was to anoint Randy Orton as the greatest wrestler ever.

Also while in the spotlight, he threatened Nia Jax for his daughter, Charlotte. After drawn-out enough ranting and spewing bullshit, Big Show finally had enough. He entered the ring, Big Show challenged him and was ready to throw down before Orton crawled out with Flair by his side.

Following the anointment, the Iiconics will face Bayley and Sasha Banks for the women’s tag team championships. The match kicked off with a dispute between Bayley and Sasha and a huge boot to the face by Billie Kay. A back-and-forth match ended earlier than expected as Sasha made Peyton Royce submit. A shock to the WWE Universe and Bayley, Sasha confronted and told Bayley she wants a title shot. Drum roll please, from Asuka. WWE writers pulling another fast one. Asuka came out to the ring, accepted the challenge, and was jumped originally by Bayley, but it didn’t take long for Sasha to join.

Next, the V.I.P Lounge is live, and the host MVP is being booed as usual. Apollo Crews is the first guest on the show, and he's a high valued target to join MVP’s faction. Crews declined, and MVP wasn’t too happy about it. As it seemed blood was starting to boil, Shelton Benjamin made his way to the ring, blindsided Crews, and strutted off unbothered, preparing for the match.

Crews and Benjamin started dancing in the ring. Benjamin, with an obvious advantage after the attack, is showing its worth and running the table. After a ringside slip up by Benjamin, Crews took advantage and retained his title. MVP reentered the performance area, causing a post-match distraction and allowing Lashley to sneak attack yet another superstar. The two walked away while Crews stayed down.

For the main event, Rey and Dominick Mysterio confront the Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins. The promotion started out with Rey expressing his feelings toward his son -- happy, proud, scared, and angry -- all emotions felt after Dominick went behind his father's back and attacked Rollins on last week's installment. Rey tried calming down his son, but upon refusal, Dominick asked for a right. The Messiah then showed his face. Threats reign down on the Mysterios before Rollins was joined by his disciples, Murphy and Theory. Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo then came to the aid of the Mysterios. Finally, Rollins got a hold of Dominick, getting ready to “sacrifice” him, but Black and Carrillo scared him away to end the show.