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RECAP: WWE NXT Great American Bash

A rundown of all the action from WWE NXT Great American Bash.
wwe nxt great american bash

Photo: Ringside News

The return of the WWE pay-per-view Great American Bash has stormed NXT. 35 years ago, the Bash was created but then discontinued. The second debut starts off with an elimination fatal four-way match. Candace LaRae, Dakota Kai, Tegan Nox, and Mia Yim all competed in the no disqualification match.

The match started with Tegan Nox and Mia Yim after LaRae and Kai immediately ran from the ring. LaRae went on a tear knocking out all of the competition. The first elimination of the match was LaRae. Yim delivered a signature move followed by a three count. After the commercial break, Yim and Nox continued to work together, now hanging up on Kai. After Kai left the ring, Yim and Nox momentarily went at each until Kai continued to be the main target. The match was all Yim after that series of events, but all that came of it was a couple of two counts by Yim and Nox. Right after, Yim was eliminated. The match now poses as a one-on-one between former best friends and hate-driven enemies, Nox and Kai. They exchanged a series of blows and Kai had the advantage for just a minute. Both superstars, clearly exhausted, were giving 110% but a two count proved it all unnecessary. Looks of disbelief were tattooed all over Nox’s face. A high-flying mistake by Nox gave Kai the edge in what seemed to be near the end of the match. Kai somehow managed to kick out again. A submission turned pin resulted in yet another two count, but not before one final turn of events. Nox got the pin and became the new number-one contender for the NXT women’s championship.

Next on the card, Timothy Thatcher and Oney Lorcan face off one-on-one. The match started off very technically. Thatcher contained control through the match for quite some time, trying to keep the brawler, Lorcan, on the ground. It was a momentary turn of dominance before Thatcher regained control and made Lorcan submit.

Next up is a handicap match between Rhea Ripley facing off against Aliyah and... Robert Stone? The match may as well be a singles match while Stone plays the idiotic distraction. Stone and Aliyah clearly have the advantage but fail to gain control. Stone and Aliyah simultaneously tap out to an aggressive submission by Ripley.

Now we move on to the one-on-one “strap match” featuring Roderick Strong and Dexter Lumis. Strong has been having nightmares and doing his absolute best to avoid Lumis at all costs. He’ll now be forced to be strapped to him. Strong stepped out of the ring immediately after Lumis entered. Strong attacked Lumis before the strap was even on. Lumis, unscathed, got up immediately and hit Strong a few times before attaching the strap himself. The match was 99% in favor of Lumis until the action made its way up the ramp. The match was consistently controlled by Strong for some time after the tables initially turned, but Bobby Fish came out to Strong's aid. It did not work in his favor as Lumis won the first-ever NXT strap match, via pinfall.

Santos Escobar and his goons were out in the ring cutting a promo when Drake Maverick was brought in to be jumped by the trio. As Escobar was gearing up for the attack, Breezango came to Maverick's aid. After taking care of the trio and leaving the ring, Breezango challenged them to a six-man tag match on the second night of the Great American Bash.

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Now for the night one main event! Sasha Banks and Io Shirai face off. There was a little back and forth to start the match, but after a couple of huge high flying movies, Shirai is in control. A small distraction by Bayley proved to be enough help for Sasha to regain the lead and some momentum. More high flying moves and an ode to Rey Mysterio’s 619 helped Shirai momentarily regain control. Sasha delivered a major reversal to stay alive in the match but only received a two count. An attempted sunset flip turned to a body slam straight into the protective plexiglass. “You don’t go here” chants rang throughout the arena. Bayley got involved to aid her partner, which she did until Asuka came out to aid Shirai. Shirai wins on night one to finish off the night.

The second night of WWE NXT Great American Bash kicked off with a street fight between Mia Yim and Candace LaRae. LaRae made her way to the ring first, but she was soon sneak attacked before the ring announcer was even able to get her name out of his mouth. Yim threw a plethora of foreign objects into the ring. LaRae lucked out twice early in the match, avoiding vicious weapon strikes. LaRae took a nice, steady, offensive lead in the bout. Brass knuckles, a pile of steel chairs, a high-flying move off of a table, and LaRae’s finisher was all it took to lock in a win. The second-ever WWE NXT women’s division street fight ended in a LaRae victory.

Bronson Reed then took on Tony Nese in a singles match. This match came about after Nese toyed with and disrespected NXT up-and-comer, Leon Ruff. Reed, though young, has an impressive resume throughout his NXT career. He started the match by using his size and overpowering Nese. In a slightly dirty, yet strategic play, Nese covered Reed in the ringside apron and followed with a dropkick. After that and a few throat punches, Reed turns it around. A frog splash by the super heavyweight and a pin knocked Nese down a peg.

Next was a match between Johnny Gargano and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott. The match started out very technical with ground grappling and Gargano running his mouth. An exciting series of dodging and reversals made for an awesome stretch of the match and a Swerve advantage. While many speculated this to be one of the worst matches of the two-night pay-per-view, the fans couldn’t have been more wrong. This back-and-forth match has been so indecisive and it seemed Scott should have almost definitely won this match, but Gargano managed to kick out at two. Gargano then goes on for a small stretch, good enough to earn the pin.

El Legado Del Fantasma then took on Breezango and Drake Maverick in a six-man tag team match. Fandango started out the match against Joaquin Wilde. Tags leave Mendoza and Breeze in this match, but everyone has been waiting for Maverick and Escobar. Breezango and Maverick have completely taken over this match, leaving all of El Legado Del Fantasma ringside scurrying away. After back-and-forth battling, Maverick was caught slacking on the top rope where Escobar was there for the takedown and pin.

Next, Mercedes Martinez faced off with Santana Garrett. Martinez took advantage immediately, running away with the match. A slight fight back from Garrett turned out to be worthless, and Martinez once again turned it around and got the three count.

Time for the main event featuring Adam Cole and Keith Lee, Champion versus champion, in a winner-take-all match! The North American Championship and NXT championship are on the line for this match and one man will leave with both belts, and the other, none. After a few strikes here and there by Cole, Lee is still in control. Lee chased Cole out of the ring, went running after Cole, and ran straight through the plexiglass as Cole moved out of the way with no time to spare.

After meeting a series of strikes, steel steps, and the plexiglass, Lee kicked out at one and Cole was in disbelief. The match stood consistent, but Lee continued to keep the advantage due to size. Both superstars couldn’t believe the other was still standing. The big man delivered a backflip off the top rope and Cole still won’t go down! Three superkicks and a dropkick from Cole and Lee is just getting mad, a two count and a baffled Adam Cole came next. Keith Lee is not human! The damage sustained and the continuous kick-outs amazed everyone. Keith Lee makes history! It was an absolutely wild match; Lee took both belts and somehow survived this match.