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RECAP: WWE NXT – June 3, 2020

WWE NXT was full of great highlights!

The last episode of NXT before the 'In Your House' pay-per-view started out with Candace LeRae and Mia Yim. Tempers have been boiling between these two superstars, and their significant others, Johnny Gargano and Keith Lee. After brawling ringside, the match resulted in a double count out. However, Yim and LaRae disregarded the bell, and continue fighting until reinforcement referees arrived to break it up. General Manager of the brand, William Regal, restarted the match and altered it to a mixed-gender tag team match. 

Gargano and LaRae took on Yim and Lee in a highly anticipated match. Gargano and LaRae attempt to leave, but were forcefully brought back to the ring where the bell finally rang and got the match underway. Gargano and Lee were in street clothes, where Gargano still had his keys and attacked Lee’s eye. Yim, checking on Lee while distracted, was snuck up on and pinned by LaRae resulting in a victory for Gargano and LaRae.

Immediately following the match, NXT aired a promotion where Tommaso Ciampa assured Killer Kross he was not afraid, but ready for their match at Takeover. Ciampa is no slouch and has an impressive Takeover resume. This match has all the ingredients to be a phenomenal one. 

Next, a strange series of interviews occurred. It seems Dexter Lumis and Drake Maverick have just totally lost it. Not saying much for Lumis, but Maverick seems gitty, and a little crazy before his NXT Cruiserweight Championship match. 

Following those interviews was yet another promotion speaking on the upcoming NXT Championship. The promotion discussed the reign and one-year anniversary of Adam Cole’s championship, as well as the bad blood between Velveteen Dream and Cole. The absolute hatred between the two has been building for quite some time now, and this end-all bout will be an instant classic.

Photo: Twitter/WWENXT

Photo: Twitter/WWENXT

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Now, it was back to the action, Tony Nese took on Isaiah “Swerve” Scott in a singles match. The match kicked off brutally and abruptly, each competitor exchanging vicious blows and submission moves right out of the gate. After Swerve turned the match around and took control, the match went ringside. Some moves on the apron, along with throwing Nese into the steel steps, took time to where the referee's count was up to eight. However, flying down the ramp was “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher, who provided a momentary distraction for Swerve, where Nese had time to get up and take advantage. Unfortunately for Gallagher and Nese, it did not work. Swerve won and evaded the two before being attacked. 

A triple threat tag team match was next up on the card. Representative from the Undisputed Era took to the ring. The duos of Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch, and Tyler Breeze and Fandango, all participated. The return of Breezango must have had fans all over the world excited. With three superstars in the ring at once, there are no count outs, this match could have made its way backstage if needed, but the final pin or submission must happen in the ring. The winner of the match would be the number one contenders for the NXT tag team championships, which is currently possessed by Imperium. Momentum was shifting with every blink, so a clear favorite for the match was highly questionable for fans. Dexter Lumis appeared in the stands to distract Fish and Strong, and it worked! Breezango won their return match on NXT making them the new number one contenders.

In the next singles bout, Aliyah took on Santana Garrett. NXT has one of the most competitive women's roster, making most of these matches nothing short of great. Robert Stone, after being fired last week as manager of Chelsea Green, appeared ringside to potentially scout new talent. Santana Garett, with a swift win, ruined any hopes of Stone pairing up with Aliyah. 

Following the match, Tom Phillips introduced a promotion between participants of the Takeover triple threat. Introduced were Charlotte Flair, Rhea Ripley, and Io Shirai for the NXT women's championship. All three superstars walked us through how they’re all going to win at Takeover. The confidence levels are through the roof and everyone has to be pumped!

Cameron Grimes then took on Bronson Reed in a singles bout. Reed, a rather large superstar, seemed to be the early favorite. Unfortunately, the big man went to the top rope and it did not pay off after splashing onto nothing but a ringmat. Grimes was the winner, and a lucky man after escaping that match alive.

After that action, Killer Kross entered the ring, attacked Grimes, and into the camera called out Ciampa, and responded to his promotion from earlier in the show.

Finally we arrived at the main event! Drake Maverick took on El Hijo Del Fantasma in the final match for the Cruiserweight Championship. The winner of the bout would leave the arena with gold around their waist. The referee hoisted the belt, Fantasma removeed his cape, and the match was underway. The superstars went to exchange a handshake, but Maverick was sneak attacked, and fell to a two count before kicking out. Fantasma had been in control for most of the match and it seemed Maverick may have been in his own head.

After finding himself mentally, Maverick started taking control. Two “mysterious” masked men came to ringside for undisclosed purposes and Maverick fought them off. Unfortunately for him, upon returning to the ring, Maverick was super kicked, and Fantasmo followed that up with his finisher. Fantasmo won and the crowd cheered and sympathized with Maverick. This match was a great ending to the program, and a true underdog story came up just short. However, after being greeted by Triple H on the entrance ramp, Maverick was handed and a contract to remain in the WWE, which might have been just as sweet as a title all on its own.