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RECAP: WWE NXT Takeover – In Your House


Man oh man! Have we been waiting for this or what? WWE NXT Takeover: In Your House is here! The long awaited pay-per-view has surfaced and here at On Tap, we could not be more excited. Take a look at our predictions before heading into the recap and let us know if you agree, disagree, or have different thoughts in general.


The pay-per-view kicked off with Mia Yim, Tegan Nox, and Shotzi Blackheart squaring off against Candice LaRae, Dakota Kai, and Raquel Gonzalez in a six woman tag team match. LaRae and Yim started the match but before too long LaRae got off a tag without breaking a sweat. A few tags later, Nox and Kai were duking it out. As former best friends, it's insane to see how their hearts are filled with so much hate as they were brutally going at it. After some high flying moves by several competitors, Blackheart got a leg up and had a promising submission lock in before Kai made her way to the ring to break it up. Yim, who LaRae had been avoiding, were finally able to square off after a desperation tag by Blackheart. Gonzalez, now live, acted as a steamroller knocking out everyone in sight. Watching the match now, you might think it would be a tornado tag with all the commotion in the ring! After clearing the ring, Nox pinned Kai to win the debut match of the night for her team.

Next on the card was Finn Balor and Damian Priest. Two different styles of wrestling collided to kick a great match into gear. Balor attacked early to catch Priest off guard, but seemed unaffected. The match was taken ringside where Balor forcefully met the steel steps. Finally, back in the ring, Priest continued to have full control over the match. Seemingly, no matter what Balor did, it just wasn’t enough. Balor took Priest ringside, used the barricade as a sort of weapon, re-entered the ring to reset the referee’s 10 count, then continued the bullying. It was a series of back and forth wrestling, reversal after reversal, but neither competitor was able to catch a break. From the apron, Priest went flying onto the steel steps! Somehow back up before the 10 count, Priest rolled back into the ring and Balor took advantage of the injury and secured the win!

The third match on the card was a singles match between reigning North American champion, Keith Lee and competitor Johnny Garagono for the title. This match could make what I believe to be a future match of the year contestant. The match started off slow. Gargano attempted to go on the offensive first, but the size of Lee kept him from getting too far. After a few jabs here and there, Gargano still couldn't get any momentum. Gargano attempted escaping the wrestling arena but didn’t get far. Lee brought him back to the ring to beat out the 10 count. After brutally attacking Lee’s eye on Wednesday, he continued targeting the eye, not legal, but apparently worth a potential disqualification. The crowd started a “Gargano sucks” chant which may have given Lee some momentum.

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Gargano showed great effort to keep Lee grounded for more than a while before Lee was able to get back up and fight back. After brutally fighting back and forth there was still no definite upper hand. When Lee thought he could lock in the win, Gargano strategically rolled out of the ring to safety. Lee sent Gargano through the plexiglass into the crowd area and that ignited a whole new match! LaRae and Yim, their significant others, made their way to the ring and caused a distraction which could have been devastating for Lee after Gargano took advantage once again. Retaining his championship, Lee won in style after one hell of a match!

Moving onto the next match, the backlot brawl took place featuring the champion, Adam Cole and seeker, Velveteen Dream. Cole and Dream both showed up in style in their respective rides, and no, Dream did not show up in a little red Corvette. Trash talking and complaining kicked the match off, yet a minute or so passed before the physicality began. Three quick two counts by Dream got the match rolling, but Cole was able to squeal away. Cole attempted to drive away mid-match before Dream went Frank Thomas on his car with a Louisville Slugger.

Cole once again weaseled away, forcing Dream to chase after and vulnerably sneak attacked. Back ringside, the crowd yelled an abundance of “boos” as Cole took control of the match. Cole, now on the hood of a car courtesy of Dream, was in bad shape. Dream set up a ladder, but a distraction foiled his plans. The Undisputed Era collectively attacked Dream, giving their “leader” a chance to breathe. It wasn’t too long before Dexter Lumis came crawling out from under the ring. Many are not convinced that it was to assist Dream, but rather to take down the Undisputed Era. Two more two counts and Dream was still in disbelief. A low blow followed by a high flying move put the nail in this coffin. Cole was the winner and Dream can no longer attempt to win the championship while in Cole’s possession.

Ciampa and Kross faced off for the last match before the main event. The bout kicked off with Ciampa putting in work, but the resilience of Kross just stared him down and smiled. Head and physical games have already begun. The first portion of the match was all Kross and it would be hard to make an argument and disagree. Ciampa finally found some momentum! Ciampa was rolling until a devastating reversal into a submission. The quickest match of the night ends with Ciampa tapping out to Kross, ruining Ciampa’s 13th Takeover appearance.

Finally for the main event! The final match was a triple threat match between Charlotte Flair, Rhea Ripley, and Io Shirai for the NXT women’s championship. Flair started out very strong and the crowd did not like it at all. Flair continued to antagonize the crowd by screaming “I made here” in response to “you don’t go here” chants. Rhea took a big hit into the barricades and gave Shirai an opportunity to take advantage of a gloating Flair. A long and brutal submission could not put a bow on the win for Flair, however all three competitors were momentarily back on their feet immediately following. Two count after two count from all three of these superstars and no one would quit.

The match went up the entrance ramp and set decorations and their surroundings became sanctioned weapons. Shirai on top of the set paid off with a double cross body! Riptide off the top rope could’ve been the end of the night but Shirai broke up the pin. Flair then had herself some batting practice with a kendo stick. The final bell of the night rang and Io Shirai was the new NXT women’s champion! Flair had locked in a submission on Ripley and left her torso wide open for Shirai to step in and get the pin!