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RECAP: WWE Raw – June 8th, 2020


This episode of Monday Night Raw kicked off with Bayley and Sasha Banks interrupting Asuka rambling on and on, as usual. Charlotte Flair then made her way to the ring, followed by The Iiconics, and the shit talking had led to physicality and punches were thrown.

The match was made official, and it was a triple threat tag team featuring Flair and Asuka, Sasha and Bayley, and The Iiconics. Banks and Royce of the Iiconics started the match officially. Momentum changed every second while the ring was cluttered with competitors, but as soon as superstars were weened out, an easy winning submission for Asuka was presented. A lot of animosity was shown between partners Flair and Asuka. Unwilling to help each other or tag each other into the match, you could feel an increasing hatred between the two. The two are still scheduled to fight later on the program.

Due up next, “The Monday Night Messiah” Seth Rollins made his way ringside, kicked Byron out of his seat, and joined the announcing team. Shortly after, Rey Mysterio joined via video call. Mysterio issued a warning to Seth Rollins and down right threatened him. Rollins will be giving Mysterio an “opportunity” to appear on Raw next week to almost have a forgive and forget moment. Mysterio rebutted and before Rollins could get a word out, he was attacked by Aleister Black.

The attack resulted in a tag team match with Black and Humberto Carrillo, and Rollins’ “disciples” Austin Theory and Buddy Murphy. A relatively quick match ended via pinfall by Black to Murphy.

Immediately following the match, Rollins made his way back out to the entrance stage to Rey Mysterio's entrance music and in a luchador mask. By providing the distraction, Theory and Murphy were able to sneak attack the baffled team of Black and Carrillo. After a long time of jumping the pair, Seth Rollins ended the abuse with a big stomp.

Christian made his return to a WWE ring and is resurfacing his talk show “The Peep Show!” Christian’s first guest was fellow professional wrestler and real life best friend, Edge. Christian, being brutally honest, told Edge he’s still running on fumes, followed by more disheartening words, discouraging Edge. Edge refuted before both stars got into each other’s face. The segment felt as if Christian was just trash talking so damn much to pump up the Rated R Superstar. Soon after, Randy Orton joined the show appearing on the video board, imploring the two to “please shut the hell up.” Orton threatened Edge and once again rambled about how his career is over and he should’ve stayed home with his family before cutting out.

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Next on the episode was a decathlon to determine the final winner of the “anything you can do, we can do better” tournament between the Viking Raiders and the Street Prophets. The events of the decathlon were as follows: 1600 meter dash, archery, flip cup, sword fighting, hurdles, goats milk stick fighting, a dance off, shot-put, turkey leg eating contest, and pole vaulting. Five events were picked by each team, resulting in a tie.

Immediately following the decathlon, Apollo Crews made his way to the ring with a microphone. He informed the viewers the winner of the upcoming triple threat match will face him at Backlash and have an opportunity to beat him for his championship belt. While still speaking, Crews was interrupted by Andrade and Garza. As they made their way down to the ring, they were snuck up on by Kevin Owens. A disaster started before a bell even rang. 

With the match now underway, Andrade, Garza, and Owens all will do whatever it takes to get a title opportunity. Garza and Andrade are members of the same faction. Naturally, they’re going to work together to take care of Owens but they’ll eventually have to wrestle each other. Sticking to the plan, Owens continued getting worked by the two. Before too long, the teammates turned on each other and leveled the playing field for Owens, also leveling their manager, Zelina Vega ringside by accidental contact. Vega's absence proved to be detrimental for the tag team as they crumbled and totally turned on each other. Andrade returned after being out of commission for a few minutes, took advantage of the work Owens put on Garza, and stole a pin. Andrade will face Crews at Backlash on Sunday.

Next on the show was the VIP Lounge hosted by MVP. MVP’s “special guest” was supposed to be his partner-in-crime Lashley, but out came Drew McIntyre. McIntyre then threatened MVP with his devastating finisher, the Claymore, while counting down, Lashley appeared. McIntyre then reminded Lashley about Sunday at Backlash, head-butted MVP, and the Viking Raiders and Street Prophets made their way down to the ring.

The Viking Raiders faced off with Lashley and MVP, while being accompanied ringside by the Street Prophets and McIntyre for the duration of the match. The match was very technical and by the book, nothing too crazy happened until Lashley was sent ringside, and Lashley and MVP got in the faces of the Street Prophets. Obviously a distraction, Ivar of the Viking Raiders went high-flying to knock both opponents to the ground.

Following the commercial, everyone was back to their feet and in the ring, and the Viking Raiders remained in control. Lashley made a tag with no one noticing and it allowed him to sneak up and put one half of the Viking Raiders in a full Nelson. A small scuffle took place and resulted in a claymore by McIntyre.

Now for the main event! Asuka will go one on one with Charlotte Flair. Just before the bell rang to start the match, Bayley and Sasha Banks interrupted the program as usual. The tag team sat ringside with the announcing team to watch the bout. After a long time going back and forth in the ring for the duration of the match, they make it ringside, with barricades and plexiglass now being used as weapons. The match was made great thanks to the mixture of high-flying, technical wrestling, and brawling. Two of the most fundamentally solid women on the roster were not lacking variety for this match.

Before the camera could even catch it, the Iiconics snuck up on Bayley and Sasha at the announcer's table. During the commercial, Bayley, Sasha, and the Iiconics were barred from ringside after causing a disruption while fighting each other. After a third near 10 count, both superstars made their way up the apron only for Flair to give a big boot to Asuka, then another big boot and a two count! Flair couldn’t believe her eyes while fans were all wondering how the hell she kicked out of that one. Nia Jax stormed the ring, but was taken care of by Asuka. However, the distraction was enough to give Flair the edge and win the truly phenomenal match.