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RECAP: WWE Smackdown June 19, 2020

A recap of the Friday Night Smackdown action!

The newest episode of WWE Friday Night Smackdown kicked off with Renee Young inviting A.J. Styles out to the ring, where he claimed his Intercontinental Championship. Styles then asked Daniel Bryan, who lost the belt, to put it around his waist. Bryan did just that, congratulated Styles, and attempted to leave the ring. Styles started running his mouth, per usual, and cost himself a match with the newest superstar on the roster, Matt Riddle.

After a scuffle, A.J. yelled to call out a referee to make the match official. The ring announcer proclaimed the match was for the Intercontinental Championship and Styles had a change of heart. After excuses and complaints, the match became strictly for bragging rights. Riddle started out hot right off the bat but turned into a fairly even match.

Riddle was sent out of the ring and started instigating with other superstars after a few pushes between him and King Corbin. After Styles went flying onto Riddle outside the ring, the match was all him. The match returned to back-and-forth action with Styles making enemies outside of the ring and it would prove to cost him big. Riddle wins his debut match against veteran and champion A.J. Styles.

Jeff Hardy sat down for an interview with Renee Young. The two discussed his loss at Backlash and Hardy’s haunted past. He addressed personal demons and Sheamus, who’s personifying some of the worst of them.

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Following the interview, Shorty G and Mojo Rawley are now set for their singles match. Rawley starts off the match absolutely manhandling Shorty G. The height and weight difference favors Rawley in both categories, but Shorty G has speed on his side and it helped in the swift pin. The underdog takes the win in impressive fashion.

Now, comes the time for Miz TV featuring Mandy Rose. Rose entered the ring, started being antagonized about Otis and Sonya Deville and before long, Deville made her way to the ring. A speech of resentment and jealousy by Deville fired up the cannons and fists started flying. Before too long, Deville jumped out of the ring and disappeared.

Following Miz TV, Bayley and Sasha Banks made their way ringside to join the commentary. The match underway was New Day and Lucha House Party. A pretty technically sound match is staying fairly even, although somewhat different styles are clashing. A high flying mistake by Lucha House Party proved to be costly as New Day got the win. Shinsuke and Cesaro attack New Day immediately following the match. They were clearly upset about beating the champions last week, and still not getting a title opportunity.

Nikki Cross sneak-attacked Bayley and Sasha Banks until Alexa Bliss came out and controlled her partner. Cross challenged Banks to an official match. Bayley, once again, accepted the challenge for her. A top rope grapple from Cross could somehow not put Banks away. Back-and-forth fighting ensued with reversal after reversal and Banks walks away with a win.

Finally, we got to see some Firefly Funhouse action. This is the first time we’ve seen Bray Wyatt in weeks. Wyatt hid in the back and recapped his loss to Strowman before he made his way to the ring. Making Strowman relive his past, Wyatt channeled an old-time Wyatt Family gimmick. That’s all she wrote for this week's Smackdown!