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RECAP: WWE SmackDown – June 26, 2020

A full recap of all WWE SmackDown action.
wwe smackdown recap

Photo: WWE

The show opened with all the superstars showing their respect for the Undertaker, just after the final episode of 'The Last Ride' aired the previous weekend. It seems as if he is retiring at this time. For nearly the entire first half of this week's episode of Smackdown, it was a tribute to the Undertaker. The main focus was on his final match, The Bone Yard Match from this year's Wrestlemania. The match itself was a fun one to watch, as it was WWE's best cinematic match they have done so far. Also, during the breaks in-between, they spoke to several WWE superstars who expressed their gratitude and respect towards him.

Right after that match finished airing, Baron Corbin was in the ring. He was only out there to talk negatively about the Undertaker. Thankfully, Jeff Hardy made it a short stay. It was announced shortly after that Jeff Hardy vs Baron Corbin would be tonight's main event.

Next up was a fatal four-way for the number one contender for the Smackdown Women's Championship. The match involved Alex Bliss, Nikki Cross, Dana Brooke, and Lacey Evans. The match started with the tag team of Cross and Bliss working together to gain an edge. That all changed when Nikki Cross tried to rollup Bliss in a surprise pin, but she kicked out at two. Each woman had a few moments to shine. The stand out in the match was Dana Brooke, she has proved she deserves a chance soon. The match concluded when Lacey Evans hit the Women's Right on Dana Brooke but Nikki Cross snuck behind her and rolled her into a pin for the win.

The next match was an eight man tag team match, featuring the tag team champions The New Day and Lucha House Party vs. Cesaro & Nakamura & The Miz & John Morrison.

The first part of the match had a very quick pace to it, with the 'good guys' taking control of the action. That changed when Kofi got tossed to the outside and the referee was distracted, allowing an outside attack. There were a few times Kofi was close to tagging in his teammate Big E, but just missed. What changed the momentum again was when he was finally got a tag off to Gran Metalik.

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Things broke down when everyone jumped into the ring. The New Day, Nakamura, and Cesaro fought all the way backstage, leaving the other two teams in the ring. The match ended when Gran Metalik hit an elbow drop on The Miz for the pinfall win. Right after the match ended, the New Day made their way back to the ring to celebrate.

Photo: WWE

Photo: WWE

Before the main event, we heard a few words from the Universal Champion Braun Strowman. He told the story of his beginnings with Bray Wyatt, and from there he challenged him to one more match.

The main event was Jeff Hardy vs. Baron Corbin. The match started off on the wrong foot for Hardy, as Corbin took control using his power right away. The momentum swing came when Hardy was able to toss his opponent over the commentary table. That was short-lived though, Hardy missed a high-risk move on Corbin, and Corbin countered by picking Hardy up and tossing him into the ring post.

Right after that, Corbin mocked the Undertaker leading into a commercial break. Once we came back from that break, the ring was surrounded by Smackdown superstars in support of Hardy, trying to rally him to a win. It took a minute to get the momentum in his favor, but Hardy was able to. However, he lost it for a second and Corbin hit him with a Deep Six, but Hardy kicked out at two. The match came to an end when Hardy was able to sidestep Corbin, causing him to hit the ring steps. Jeff Hardy then tossed him in the ring and went to the top rope to hit the Swanton Bomb for the win.

Everyone was celebrating around the ring, but Baron Corbin didn't like this and instantly started attacking Hardy all over again. This forced a few of the superstars to step in and help. They played waste to Corbin and finished off the show with one more tribute to Undertaker.

Photo: WWE

Photo: WWE