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RECAP: WWE SmackDown – June 5, 2020

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Photo: WWE

Photo: WWE

Jeff Hardy was the opener of the show, as he discussed what truly happened last week. More eyewitnesses came forward regarding the incident, which explains why he was released from jail that same night. Jeff mentioned that someone hit him in the back of the head and later found out that the witnesses saw a man with red hair and a red beard get out of his car after the accident. "Even though my head was spinning, I knew deep down in my heart that I did NOT slip last Friday" those were the words that prompted Sheamus to come out.

Jeff went to attack Sheamus after he made a remark about how Jeff's wife and daughters are used to him slipping up. It didn't end well for Jeff as Sheamus hit a Brogue kick and threw him all around the entranceway. So, did Sheamus set up Jeff?

Following the opener, Otis took on King Baron Corbin. While they made their way to the ring, Mandy and Otis stopped and took the King's crown for Otis to wear. This really threw Corbin off at the start of the match. After a decent amount of offense for Otis, Corbin finally took control back. He tried to wear Otis down with submissions and some punches. That didn't last long though, as Otis regained control. He went for his signature move, the Caterpillar, and Corbin rolled outside the ring. He went over to get his crown and Otis chased after him and received a steel chair shot for that. This caused a DQ and cemented the win for Otis. They made their way back into the ring and Otis finally hit the Caterpillar on Corbin. It was not a fun night for the King.

We finally witnessed the arrival of Miz and John Morrison. They had a plan for the night, to make Braun Strowman's night a living hell. They started his living hell patiently waiting, then set the night off like a ticking time bomb by having a protein shake explode in Strowman's face. Following that, Shorty G was interviewed backstage and it was cut short by the returning Mojo Rawley. That is not all, Cesaro and Nakamura were there as well. All three men attacked Gable, but the New Day came in for the save, as they set up a six-man tag match for later in the night.

Lacey Evans made her way to the ring for her match with Sonya Deville, when she was attacked from behind by her opponent. She started the match at a disadvantage. Deville quickly took control of the match, setting the pace early. She has a different side to ever since she ended her friendship with Mandy Rose. The original referee was injured near the middle of the match and a replacement referee was called for. While waiting for the new referee, Deville attacked Evans again to get the upper hand. Mandy Rose came up on the titantron and created a little distraction, as Deville turned around to meet The Women's Right. Evens took the victory and Mandy got the last laugh for the night.

Photo: WWE

Photo: WWE

Braun Strowman waas being interviewed backstage as fans observed Miz and Morrison getting ready for another prank on him. They hit a button for some slime to drop on Strowman, but they placed it in the wrong spot and it fell on Kayla Braxton.

The Face-to-Face match between Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles was next. This was all set up for them to get ready for their Intercontinental Championship match next week. Bryan believed that Styles took the easy way out, also mentioning if he wins, he will defend it weekly. Styles took that as an insult, thinking Bryan is going to be giving handouts to people. This brought up the history between Bryan and Drew Gulak, and Styles called him out for a match.

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The match started with Gulak flying out to the ring and taking down AJ Styles, getting the early upper hand. Styles controlled most of the match but cost himself by being a little too cocky. Gulak rolled Styles into a pin with a bridge and swiped the victory, shocking AJ Styles!

Photo: WWE

Photo: WWE

The final prank on Strowman from Miz and Morrison was breaking the windshield on his car. They went back to their van to await his reaction, and let's just say he was not happy at all. It was very easy for Braun to find them in the van, where they somehow thought they where safe. They seemed to forget that he has a history of flipping vehicles, which he decided was appropriate with them still in the van. Their night ended on a sour note.

The six-man tag match was up next. Both teams worked really well together, and the match had a good pace to it. The match came to an end with Kofi getting the pin on Rawley, and Gable helped out by keeping Cesaro and Nakamura from breaking up the pin.

The Main Event was the Women's Tag Team Title match between Bayley and Sasha Banks vs the Champions Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss. The champions had the early advantage and controlled the pace. Once Bayley got the tag to Banks, the momentum swung in their favor for a little while. They kept Cross away from Bliss and continued the excellent teamwork. Cross found a little bit of time to get Bliss into the ring and that gave them control for a few seconds before Banks distracted Bliss.

Bayley ran to the top rope and hit her signature move off the second rope, but somehow Bliss was able to kick out. There was a quick moment where Bliss hit a sunset flip and pinned Banks, but she kicked out and the champions regained control. There was a dispute that nearly caused a fight between Bayley and Banks. However, the offense for the champions was short-lived.

The match came to an end when Cross rolled up Banks, who immediately rolled her over. Bayley and Bliss were fighting on the outside and didn't even see the pin. Bayley and Banks were the new Women's Tag Team Champions. This made Bayley and Sasha Banks two-time champions and now Bayley hopes to have two titles at one time.

Photo: WWE

Photo: WWE

The WWE put on yet another entertaining night of action for fans around the world. Stay tuned with us at On Tap Sports Net as we continue to give you great wrestling coverage after every event.