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RUMOR: New Championship Coming to AEW

Many believe that All Elite Wrestling could use another Championship added to what they already have. But, with a new tease being created it leaves everyone wondering: What Championship could it be?
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It seems as if there could be some a new World Championship coming to All Elite Wrestling very soon. Two major questions come from this though, what championship will it be and when will we finally see it? Option one for the new Championship is a Trios Championship. The second option is a Women's World Tag Team Championship. So, let’s take a look into which is more likely.

A Trios Championship is the option that is the most likely. They have been spotlighting “Trios Matches” for well over a year. The division is more established and ready to hold its own. Add in how many teams they could have a part of this and its a no-brainer. Fans already know how many amazing tag teams are a part of AEW. In addition, there are plenty of awesome factions in the company as well.

Let’s take a look at just a few teams we could see in this division. Best Friends is one, and that could be any combination of that group of four. Inner Circle is another, a group of five guys that could operate with any pairing involving Santana and Ortiz. The Pinnacle could have any mix that goes with FTR. You can also add in a newer group like 2pointO and Daniel Garcia. The most exciting trio, that isn't official but will be loved, is that of The Young Bucks and Adam Cole. This is not even all the trios that are around the company. There are plenty of others that are top tier too.

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The second option is a Women's World Tag Team Championship. This one is a little bit of a long shot. The division isn't as deep with teams yet. Also, there isn't as much time spent in building that division up. AEW now has a well-built women's division and has cemented a great group. Now the goal is building around that.

Currently, there are only a few teams. Two of those teams are Tay Conti and Anna Jay, as well as The Bunny and Penelope Ford. Some others are forming, but still being worked on. It would be too soon to see these titles, but not impossible in a year or so.

That said, the Trios Championships have already been acknowledged by many in the company as something that is happening at some point. After all this time building up that area of the company, it makes sense for that to be first. But, now the question is: when might it happen? It could easily be before 2022 to have an additional avenue to focus on heading into the new year.