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The Wait is Over: Windham is Here

The 90-day non compete agreement is officially over for Windham Rotunda. However, what does this mean now for the former WWE star?
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The wait is officially over. Windham Rotunda, formally known as Bray Wyatt, is out of his WWE contract as of today. His fan base has been wondering for weeks what is next. He has shared small teases here and there on Twitter. At one point, people thought he might have paid to get out of his contract sooner in order to join AEW. But that didn’t happen last month. Now that he is free, what is next for him?

Back in August, Windham posted this image leaving many to wonder if he would be back as a far gimmick. But, what company would he be heading to? As of late, it seemed like IMPACT Wrestling was a big possibility. However, that was recently revealed as off the table. Also, some fans thought ROH was possibly an option. That said, with the recent news that door is closed. Now, that leaves many to wonder if AEW is going to be the landing spot. If so, when could that be?

Only a few weeks ago he posted this message and that started more talks of a possible WWE return. Could that be the case? It could have been a move by the company to get him back on a cheaper deal. However, just yesterday, a massive change occurred which was something wrestling fans have been watching. He officially changed his Twitter handle and no longer mentions WWE in his bio or handle. This moves leaves many to think that a WWE return is no longer an option.

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However, the biggest tease to date occurred yesterday when a friend of Rotunda's posted the above image. It seems to be out in front of Gate 4 at the Warner Brothers sets. Now, that leaves even more questions than answers. Warner Brothers have some small ties to AEW because of TBS and TNT. This may be work in the form of some vignettes for an impending return. However, it could even be bigger than that. Rotunda could be getting calls from Hollywood to work on projects outside of wrestling. That would be a very interesting change, but its a change that could bring him a lot of success.

Only time will tell what his path will be. That said, it is a story that many fans will keep a close eye on.