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Official: Thunder Rosa Signs with AEW

Thunder Rosa has officially signed on with AEW, which should make for some intriguing developments within the growing women's division.
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Thunder Rosa AEW

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

What would be a perfect gift for someone like Thunder Rosa who has been around the AEW locker room since August 22 of last year? Maybe a contract with the company she has grown to love for nearly a year. But that wasn't possible due to her still having a contract with NWA... or so we thought.

Shortly after AEW sent her a nice Happy Birthday message, there was a gift attached in the form of a major announcement: Thunder Rosa is officially All Elite!

But the question still remains: how was this even possible? It may have taken some time, but NWA finally worked things out with Thunder Rosa and gave her a buyout option to end her contract. Last year, she reportedly asked for her release but that request was denied. Now that her contract is over, AEW was finally able lock her into their growing women's division.

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Tony Khan played this situation by the professional book and waited for the right time. It also helps that he has a great working relationship with NWA President Billy Corgan. That shows in the talent that appears on both promotions and in this move for both Presidents.

Now that AEW has its newest superstar, what exactly can fans expect now that she is officially on board? We have already witnessed several top-notch matches featuring Thunder Rosa. One of those matches came against Britt Baker, who is now the Women's Champion. Could we potentially see that feud start up again? Or perhaps someone else will be looking to take out the newest roster member. Only time will tell, but the storylines should be entertaining nonetheless.