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Top 3 AEW Tag Teams of 2021

Who were the top stars of AEW's Tag Team division in 2021? Here's our top 3 from an amazing year in AEW.
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Top AEW Tag Teams

Featured Photo: All Elite Wrestling

With a stacked AEW Tag Team division, picking only three teams is not an easy task. However, the following three teams stood out from the rest of the pack in 2021. Will all three of these teams be back on the list next year? Or could some new teams emerge on this list? Two young teams to keep an eye on in 2022 are The Acclaimed and Top Flight. A sleeper team for next year is Santana & Ortiz as well.

3. FTR


Photo: All Elite Wrestling

They may not have the best win-loss record at 15-4, but FTR quietly had an awesome 2021. They dethroned the Lucha Brothers on an episode of Dynamite to win the AAA Tag Team Championships. Battling through some brutal injures, they continued to show they are an evolving tag team that can adapt to the style of their opponent. FTR is a true old-school style tag team at heart and it shows.

What does 2022 have in store for them? Could we see a matchup with The Briscoe Brothers?

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2. Lucha Brothers

Lucha Brothers AEW

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

This year was a strange one at times for the Lucha Brothers. Fenix or Penta would occasionally team with PAC because the other was injured. But through all that, they finished 2021 with a 15-1 record as a Tag Team. At All Out, they finally captured the AEW Tag Team Championships that have slipped past them for so long. Since then, they have had some great battles against FTR, in which they lost their AAA Tag Team Champions.

To start 2022, the Lucha Brothers will battle Jurassic Express for the Championships on the first Dynamite of the new year.

1. The Young Bucks

Young Bucks AEW

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

There is no team better than the Young Bucks. People may argue about it all day, but this squad is capable of wrestling any style at any time. In 2021, they had plenty of classic matches. One of those was the Steel Cage match at All Out when they lost their AEW Tag Team Championships. Despite the outcome, it was a match to remember.

The Young Bucks will close out 2021 with an 11-2 Tag Team record as they look to get back on top of the division in 2022.