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UFC 244: Diaz vs. Masvidal - Insane Results and Reaction

UFC 244 was cut short due to a completely bogus, totally unfair, and purely asinine stoppage.
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Photo: Sarah Stier/USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Sarah Stier/USA TODAY Sports

For fifteen minutes last night, we got an epic war that was nothing short of expectations. This fight was huge. It was everything we thought it was going to be until it was stopped prematurely. This was a completely bogus, totally unfair, and purely asinine stoppage. That doctor clearly didn't know who Nate Diaz was.

In the first round, Jorge Masvidal was in charge. Diaz pursued but Masvidal landed all the heavy hits. He hit Diaz with a hook and a devastating kick to the face that opened up a big cut right on the scar tissue above Nate's right eye as well as another cut on his cheek. This is nothing we haven't seen before. Diaz has fought through plenty of cuts before; he's well-known for it!

After that kick to the face, Diaz was knocked down. Being the dynamic fighter he is, he stayed on his back, challenging Masvidal to get on the ground with him. However, Jorge wanted nothing to do with that. He didn't try to slip past Diaz's guard at all and instead kept pounding him from his feet all while not letting Nate regain his feet. After about a minute of this, the referee paused and stood them up.

This was weird to me. Why would Masvidal let Nate lie there and recover from that vicious kick to the face? I understand that Diaz has a better ground game, so that explains why Masvidal wouldn't try to roll with him. But hell, let him up and keep hitting him.

Rounds two and three were more even bouts. Diaz finally started to land some heavy hits, trading them with Masvidal. Jorge landed several terrifying power-kicks to the body and Nate was definitely wearing them.

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Had this been a three-round fight, in my opinion, Masvidal would have won anyway. However, this was a five-round fight and Diaz was just getting started. Then, the cage-side doctor stepped into the octagon to check out Nate's eye. You could see him asking Nate "Are you ok?" and Nate responding "Yeah I'm good, don't stop this fight." A few seconds passed and it was all over. The doctor informed referee Dan Miragliotta that he was stopping the fight due to Nate's cut above his eye.

The crowd wasn't happy. Joe Rogan wasn't happy. Jorge Masvidal wasn't happy, and Nate Diaz couldn't believe it. They exchanged words and hugs, and Masvidal told Diaz "We'll run this one back."

This scenario better come to fruition because Diaz got robbed of his chance to come back, and we as fans got robbed of two more rounds. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson ran into the octagon with the BMF Belt, wrapping it around Masvidal, and even he looked stunned.

This doctor made a gigantic mistake. Yes, he's only doing his job to protect the fighters, but does he even know who Nate Diaz is? Does he know that Nate has fought through damage like that many times only to come out victorious afterward? Couldn't he see that it was scar tissue that was cut? Doesn't he know that scar tissue bleeds more than a normal cut? Was he informed that Nate fought Anthony Pettis back in August and his scar tissue hadn't fully healed at that point?

I'm not sure what happened, but that doctor should never be cage-side ever again. This was blasphemous! This was a great big slap in the face for all the fans. I sincerely hope we get to see a rematch soon. The winner of that fight will take on the winner of Usman-Covington for the Welterweight title.

Featured Photo: Sarah Stier/USA TODAY Sports