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What Does the Future Hold for Johnny Gargano?

After Johnny Gargano's contract with WWE NXT expired, the legend is free to sign wherever. What is his next stop in his stellar career?
Johnny Gargano WWE AEW

Photo: WWE

After many years in NXT, Johnny Gargano’s contract with WWE ran its course as of yesterday. The Black and Gold Brand stalwart is now free to do as he pleases. As a father to be, decisions are on the horizon. With this news comes a plethora of questions and possibilities regarding his future. Let’s dive in. 


It is well known that Gargano is married to fellow professional wrestler Candace LeRae. The couple announced earlier this year that they were going to have a baby due in February. As a father to be, this could impact when and where Gargano will sign. 

Possible Landing Spots

As is the case with most of the bigger names that have recently left the clutches of WWE, many have flocked to AEW. However, there are other options on the table. NJPW and Impact are also on the table and have talented rosters to boot.

NJPW makes the least sense because of Gargano’s current personal life affairs. With LeRae pregnant and due soon, uprooting of their lives to move to Japan logically seems to be a non-starter. Impact, as talented as the roster is, just seems to be too small of a stage and and too large of a transition for Gargano. 

After building such an impressive resume in NXT, Gargano needs another place to thrive and continue to show how great of a wrestler he is. Being the first ever NXT Triple Crown Winner, a former NXT Champion, a record three-time NXT North American Champion, and a former NXT Tag Team Champion, there seems to be one place that can accommodate ‘Johnny Wrestling’. 

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Gargano Should Be All Elite

It really all comes down to where Gargano will be able to showcase himself now in his career. AEW has built itself as a legit wrestling company the past two years and does not show signs of stopping. If Johnny Gargano were to sign with AEW, the list of dream matches becomes endless. From old familiar foes, to matches you could have never dreamed of, the possibilities are endless. 

Any number of rematches with Malakai Black, Andrade, or Adam Cole would surely bring the house down. Young AEW homegrown talents such as Darby Allin, Dante Martin, and Jungle Boy would also surely be must see. Even Gargano against MJF would be an intriguing matchup. However, the most intriguing matches that could come from Johnny Gargano signing with AEW feature that of the top dogs in the promotion. 

Photo: WWE

Photo: WWE

Giving Gargano an opportunity to work with the likes of CM Punk and current AEW World Champion Adam Hangman Page would make for some stellar inaugural matches. However, there are two men that Gargano MUST face. The first being Kenny Omega. Omega is arguably the best wrestler in the world and Gargano sharing a ring with him would show just how talented Gargano is. However, there is one man that supersedes this potential matchup. That privilege belongs to Bryan Danielson.

Danielson and Gargano have not shared a ring since their days on the independent scene back in 2009. A rematch between these technical juggernauts after nearly 13 years of honing their crafts could make for an instant classic. 

As with some of his counterparts, Johnny Gargano does not have to wait 90 days in order to compete and sign with another company. This may bode well for Gargano, his family, and wrestling fans alike as he could potentially sign with AEW sooner rather than later. Obviously only time will tell, but I can’t wait to see what the future holds for ‘Johnny Wrestling’. When that happens, be sure to come back to On Tap Sports Net and we'll fill you in on all the details!

P.S. Come argue with me @DominicFlisk on Twitter and tell me what you think is next for Gargano.